Harvesting pine nuts

tomatomike(z7NC)September 26, 2007

A few years ago I transplanted a plain old long leaf (?) pine tree for my DD college project from a field and it is loaded with green cones this year. Can I harvest these as edible pine nuts? If this is possible, how/when do I do it? The tree is about 14-20 feet high and I am not sure what kind it is. but they are really common and have long needles. Pray for rain!!


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They are edible, but are probably so small that they have little food value. considering the effort to remove them from the female cones, removing the shell(hull) and storing them in your freezer to prevent spoilage. When stored at room temperature, thay can become rancid after only a few days(either removed or not from the hull), which is also a problem when puchasing them from a retail source, if they were not properly handled and packaged.
Squirrels love them :-)
Most of the Pinenuts harvested in this country are from the Piñon Pines of the Southwest, which have fairly large nuts.

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Thanks Georgia-rose! I guess this is why I've never heard of people going out in the woods to harvest these like we do with so many other wild products.

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