yellow 'aster' now flowering in Piedmont

gusolieSeptember 28, 2009

Can anyone provide some ideas as to what wilflower is now flowering across the Piedmont along the pine woodland edges?

Up close it looks spot-on for an airy aster, but the flowers are YELLOW, about nickel-sized. The petals are thin and brush-like, so definitely not a coreopsis.

Blossoms are sparsely found on a stem top with wide branchlets. Leaves are about 4-5 in. long, lance-shaped and about 1/2 inch wide.

Overall the plant is about 24-30" tall.

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Helianthus angustifolius is blooming now. Are the leaves rough textured or smooth?

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

All different forms of helianthus are blooming now. Darned that we had such high winds today..I had a 12' tall one (jerusalem artichoke) fall down just as the first blooms were coming. In another location they were 8-10' tall and fell over then continued to grow to 6' above ground.

Autumn has certainly arrived. Hope it's a long one.

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I'm going to drive out tomorrow and take a photo of this wildflower. It's definitely not Helianthus angustifolis. The petals are much more numerous, thin (strap-like) and tiny--truly looking like a blue or violet aster except the petals are canary yellow. Again, the plant is also no taller than 36" max.

Stand by! :)

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Another possibility is Helianthus divaricatus which loves to grow on woodland edges.

Take a picture of the BACK of the flower as well as that can be a helpful tool in identifying composites like asters. Sounds crazy, I know, but I took a class in it last year and it was amazingly helpful.

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Check out Chrysopsis - Golden aster - there are many types. My guess would be Maryland Gold Aster.

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roberta_nc(Zone 7 NC)

I've decided the ones I am seeing everywhere around Wake County are Tickseed Sunflower, or Bidens aristosa. Not sure if that is what you're describing, though.

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