Installing sod, your thoughts and opinions wanted

nannerbelle(8A)September 26, 2013

Hi everyone. The new house is starting to come along pretty nicely and I'm getting to start to think about my yard and need some opinions. I had a quote today from someone to install sod. I've got about 14,000 SqFt to install and looking at Bermuda or Centipede. As a separate I'm going to be installing a sprinkler system as well. The quote for the sod was $7000 installed. Is this around the right price, a great deal or way too much? I've not ever installed sod before so I'm totally unfamiliar with the pricing. My other choice for the lawn would be hydro-seeding which I am going to use on my kennel yard. But I'm thinking I would not be happy with it for the yard at the house. I tried to build my yard here from scratch myself using seed only, and this year is the first year it's looked decent and I'm 7 years in with 2X a year of fertilize and overseed. Thoughts?????

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I think it would be useful to try the 'lawn forum'. There is some activity over there. Just make sure that they realize you are in the transition zone.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

The super-sod that came with my new construction fescue lawn transferred an infestation of nutsedge that after 10 years is still not fully eradicated.

Consider that your yard/lawn is in a pocket surrounded by fairly tall trees so air circulation could be an issue. Especially if you are using a sprinkler system. You'll probably also be fighting root rot over construction-compacted areas . Any first lawn, unless it's really good and prof. maintained fescue sod, is likely to be just a base you build upon with subsequent overseeding.
As you develop some topsoil and soil flora over a span of years you can expect weeds as your soil improves and enriches.

If you're even half-way considering Bermuda of any sort, you are consigning yourself to a forever problem.
Between its self-sowing and deep running where you don't want it you'll be fighting it more than enjoying your gardening.

You have spent so much time and money on your dream house. Why would you want to look out over a dead straw lawn for several months of the year? That dead straw dormant stuff becomes muddy in the rainy months so you track in dead straw and mud into your new home.

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Is the soil sandy or clay?
This makes all the difference.
What grass seed did you finally get to grow at your last house?
It must have been centipede, because it spreads slowly.
The sprinkler system you are having installed will be priceless and the grass will grow really nice and fast with it.
We had a new build and installed 9 pallets of centipede sod our front in the really sandy soil. It comes with soil of course and sheeps poo off the pallet.
It didn't cover the whole front yard, but we also seeded up by the house real good.
The centipede sod will be fine in sandy soil. It will live and be fine, it also loves to grow in sand by seed.
If the soil is mostly clay at your new home, don't sod with centipede. Centipede will grow fine by seed on clay, but not sod.
SO, if you have clay, seed the centipede. No sod.
Sand, you can sod. And seed.
I wouldn't plant Bermuda grass at all, but some people love it for some reason.
I think we paid (2009 summer), 140 a pallet delivered, I can't remember how many square feet it covered, I know you can look it up online. We ordered from Farm Fresh.
This is all the help I can offer you.
Don't go with a cool season grass, it'll just die. You know that though.
I hope they have been making great progress on your new home.

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In answer to the soil question, it's more of a sandy, and clay loam type soil. Not nearly as sandy as here, but not clay like the Charlotte area either. The property has been farmed in the past, and has farms all around so I'm hoping it will be pretty decent. After what research I've been doing, I actually leaning toward the Hydro-seed. And I'm kinda leaning toward centipede for several reasons. The centipede seems to be a bit more tolerant for the conditions we will be in, I planted Bermuda here in part due to the HOT sun and sand. And where it's taken off good, it's a nice turf. I really haven't had to fight it with my beds or garden. But without the hydro seed process, it's washed after planting and the coverage didn't work out as well for me here as I would have liked. I have done an overseed with a annual Rye seed in the fall for color in the winter. Basically on this yard, I would have changed some things I did for the lawn. With the hydro seed I'm looking into, it seems to work well. I got to see one example of this guys work at my builders house. He did an area around the lake and his office with it and he has beautiful, thick, green lush turf. It stands up well to his 3 kids, 3 dogs and traffic from his crews with no problems. My builder said it took the first year to come in really thick, then he couldn't tell it from a Sod installation after that. The Hydro seed is also much, much less expensive too. It may cut my bill by half. Dottie that one line in your post is exactly what I'm concerned about if I go with sod, it would just be a base to build on. I am concerned I won't be any further along if I do go with the sod expense.

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

don't know about anyone else but I'm getting confused between 'here' and 'here' and which one applies to new yard.

Got any new photos, nannerbelle?

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I do, go up and check the Flickr site.
There are some from Saturday up there. The house is coming along nicely! :-)

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