I decided I want to try a type 2 with big flowers

pump_toad(z4 iowa)June 22, 2009

In walking around town the last few weeks I have seen such big,beautiful clematis. I have mostly type 3 and I do like them very much but am longing for a large flower also.

I prefer a light shade of lavender so .....suggestions please.


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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Lois..so glad to read that now you have become more confident with growing clematis that you want to venture into the pruning group 2's!!.."Ramona","Mrs. Cholmondeley", "Elsa Spath","Teshio","Will Goodwin" and "Lady Caroline Nevill" come to mind...Jeanne

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pump_toad(z4 iowa)

Thanks for your quick reply. I would like to ask one more question on what your personal choice would be. I value your opinion although I know there are others with many differing opinions. I have asked some of the people here it town what the name of their clematis is and they say-I have no idea.

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Lois, Both Ramona & Elsa Spath are excellent here. In my gardens (same zone as yours) Elsa has been blooming for weeks, has new buds & blooms opening. Would rank her #1 for length of bloom time in the lavender blues and the flowers are huge. Enjoy both of these clems very much.
My local HV had both of these recently and saw Elsa at either Lowes or H Depot so you would be able to acquire either of these easily at a reasonable price.

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

Lois..all those I mentioned are favs of mine...the first three are the most vigorous and floriferious...Jeanne

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I don't have Ramona, Mrs. C was one that emerged late in season (planted last yr), Elsa Spath (planted last yr) has been knocking my socks off! HUGE blooms, beautiful changing from new to old blooms & has been in bloom since 6/2 & still today. With as many buds she has on her, I will say she will bloom for at least another 2-3 weeks. Needless to say, I'm impressed. I was taking pictures of her just recently w/ old & new blooms & have a pic of my hand next to 1 of the blooms for comparison of size. If you're interested, I can post them for you.

There is another forum that I just started reading & they have a thread about dud type 2's & unfortunately Will Goodwin is on it. New to me last year as well, it seems to be doing pretty good contrary to what others are mentioning. It still hasn't bloomed just yet, but could be root size which I can't recall the differences of.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

A darker shade of purple not light lavender but Daniel Deronda is my longest blooming Type II with big flowers. It blooms much longer than Ramona for me. It started before Ramona and is still blooming while Ramona is done.

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I love Elsa, but after 8 years she is totally black with the wilt. Who knows why? I would buy her again in a heartbeat. Pumptoad, did your Polish Spirit ever bloom? I actually have 11 flowers open this morning. This is the 4th year. Last year I think she had all of 3 flowers. I like it, but don't know why she is such a shy bloomer here.

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pump_toad(z4 iowa)

I am finally giving up on my Polish Spirit as this is either year 4 or 5 with NO blooms. I can't figure it out as I used Rose Tone earlier in the season and it is growing green leaves beautifully but I want flowers!
I am planning on doing a new post on this as I don't know if I should replant in another spot or discard it. Maybe I will get advise,
I am thinking Elsa but am not sure I can find it this late in the season.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I believe Rhapsody is a Type II and it has done well here. It is in a half sun bed and has reached 5' in about 3 years. It is probably my favorite color of any flower I grow.

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pump_toad(z4 iowa)

Rhapsody is one beautiful clematis. I saw a pot somewhere early this summer but it was not it bloom. I know I was tempted looking at the picture on tag but I wasn't looking for type II then. Darn!

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