Bearss lime

nimzo(z9 CA)May 23, 2011

I have had a Bearss lime tree for seven or eight years. Three years ago or so, I noticed that the tree had been almost completely taken over by its rootstock. I cut off the offending branches at the graft union. The tree grew back healthy and strong. But there are few flowers and little, if any fruit. What can I do to make it flower and fruit?


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If your tree does not have a disease,and if you are following the proper fertilizer regiment for your trees age (3 fertilizer applications a year), then to help the tree to flower, it is a common commercial practice to apply a 1 percent urea or a 1 percent potassium nitrate solution as a foliar spray to the tree's foliage approximately 1-2 months prior to your tree's expected bloom date. This procedure will help your tree's production.

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nimzo(z9 CA)

Thanks very much. Where can I find urea or potassium nitrate?

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