More heat surviving blooms

nckvilledudes(7a NC)June 11, 2008

Noticed a few new blooms today while outside early this morning cleaning out the fish pond filter. One of the plants had been blooming for a while but I thought I was just getting some weird freaky small miscolored blooms on Tie Dye because of the heat. Then I remembered I had planted Radiance close to Tie Dye last year and I realized that was what it was.

Individual bloom.

Radiance dead center with Tie Dye off to the left.

Radiance fully open dead center with one right above and to the right not yet fully open.

Kaui's first bloom with slight purple color along the edge of the sepals. This clematis has a slight floral fragrance as well.

Looking at the clematis on its side the form looks like an integrifolia but the vines do climb. More buds forming so am anxious to see how it does.

My texensis plant is budded up and well over 8 feet tall. The blooms seem right now to be on the top of the vines even though the vines were pinched back several times during the growing period.

First colored up glaucophylla bud in the center with viorna off to the left.

A newer shot of Kermesina with Blekitny Aniol. Kermesina just had one flower open when I posted previously.

Already posted a picture of this combo before but after a week of 95+ degree temps and both Tie Dye and Abundance are still going like crazy. I have always loved Tie Dye but it has really shown itself to be a trooper this year. Abundance isn't too shabby herself.

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flowerfan2(z8/ WA)

Your clematis look beautiful. I love tie dye. The combo with Kaui is so pretty. They must be loving all that heat. I wish you could send some of it up to the Pacific NW. We are still freezing. It's been rainy, windy and in the 50's for the last 3 weeks. I had to put my winter coat, hat and mittens on last night to walk the dogs. On the plus side my type 2's that are blooming are looking beautiful. The blossoms last a long time and look so fresh. I still have 3-4 type 2's that just have buds and most of my type 3's do not even have buds. It has been a slow year. Keep the photo's coming. Karen

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Thanks Karen. As I have said before, I would gladly swap some of our weather for some of yours. I am already sick of summer and it hasn't even officially started yet. Figure out how we can do this swap and I am for it! LOL

I bet the type IIs are loving your weather. They seem to do so much better in the cooler climates than they do here where we go from spring to summer in one fell swoop.

One more shot of glaucophylla I overlooked earlier.

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butterclem(z6 W.PA)

They are all absolutely beautiful, but I really love Radiance. Now to think where I could put her!

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Miguel, your blooms are beuatiful. I am now in love with the buds of glaucophylla. She is opening so sweetly. Viorna is a beauty as well! So many to ooh and ahh over!


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Gorgeous photos as usual. :)

I'm still using an electric blanket, center heat and a space heater in my office.


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wow miguel,spectacular garden thanks for sharing it with us

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Am so pleased to see your kaiu, it is gorgeous and top of my wish list, but so is your texensis, the plant looks so vigorous, and glaucophylla is absolutely charming, as is the little viorna.
I wasn't sure I liked Tie Dye but after seeing all your pics of her I will now complain because it isn't available here.
It must be nice to wander around your garden looking to see what is new each day.
Do you get black flies or mozzies in your garden?

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jeanne_texas(Z 8B TX)

"Kaui" is a SWEETHEART..Don't you just LOVE TIE-DYE!!..He really gets only better with each passing year...I've already hardpruned mine and he is scurring back up my Obelisk climbing all over my c. rosa "DublinBay"...what a wonderful clematis..thanks for sharing..beautiful Miguel...Jeanne

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gardengirl_17(z5 OH)

Thank you for introducing me to Tie Dye. I had not seen this plant before your posts. It's on the wish list.

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Thanks for the compliments all. I am surprised these are doing as well as they are considering the weather conditions.

"Juneuary" that is too funny BorS. Wish I was having to use a heater down here in the blast furnace of the south!

Helen the garden flowers look great, but the grass is already scorched looking. Sure am glad I didn't bother reseeding after last summer's drought because that would have been a bust! I did aerate it this spring and through out some white clover seed which started coming up but not sure if it will make it this year or not.

No black flies here, just mosquitoes although I honestly don't know where they are breeding. I dump the water in the bird bath out every other day and the fish in the pond do a good job of eating the larva since I don't feed them at all anymore.

Jean, you know I love Tie Dye. It's coloration is just so wild looking. Kaiu is a real surprise this year also as I was unaware it was blooming until I happened to spy a white bloom amongst the other blooms and foliage.

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pmermakov(Zone 6 (OH))

I am looking to buy Tie Dye, but it seems to be out of stock with Brushwood and Garden Crossing. Does anyone have it and would be willing to divide their plant? I can offer named daylilies or clematis (Star of India or Venosa Violacea) in exchange.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Clematis aren't easy to divide like daylilies. Try Silver Star Vinery, Debbie might have it.

RIP Miquel Viso aka nickvilledudes, you are missed so much here on the Clematis forum!

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

What a great thread.

Oh my, did nickvilledudes pass away?

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bob414(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

Miguel passed away unexpectedly about two years ago. Brushwood has a clematis named in his honor.

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pmermakov(Zone 6 (OH))

Thanks Buyorsell. I emailed Debbie and am waiting to hear back from her. Brushwood is out of Tie Dye for now. It is too bad clematis cannot be divided like daylilies.

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Hummingbird Farm has Tie Dye on their list, but it isn't open for ordering yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hummingbird Farm Clematis

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