Looking for suggestions for sources of native trees

Asimina76(7)September 29, 2012

Hi, and thank you for reading. I have been scouring the internet for sources for native trees. Many internet retailers have high numbers of complaints. So far, my best choices seem to be Nature Hills Nursery and Willis Orchards. Some of the species I want are hard to come by, and I have had to create an order from each of these sites to get all of them (neither one had everything I wanted).

The species I want are: Shagbark Hickory, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Northern Catalpa.

I want to get the largest ones I can, but I'm flexible. Some of these are more widely available as 1'-3' seedlings, but I really want to get big ones to get a jump start on their growth. The Kentucky Coffee Tree is especially hard to get a hold of.

I'm also hoping to find the following trees for planting this year, but they are lower priority for now: Allegheny Serviceberry, Umbrella Magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora D.D. Blanchard.

Any leads will be appreciated, and I'd love to be able to buy locally rather than out of state.


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Check out Woodlanders dot net.
They are unbelivable when it comes to natives.
They have everything, but look up the proper
botanical names for what you want first, then
check their site.
Everyone loves Woodlanders.
They are in Aiken, SC.

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Thanks Butterfly, I forgot about Woodlanders (I searched there months ago). You're right, they seem universally liked. I know the botanical names for the plants, I thought I might get more responses using common names. My interests as of late have been all about trees and large shrubs, so sometimes I become frustrated at the focus on perennials at most nurseries. I'm also most interested in wild trees rather than cultivars, so that adds another kink in my plans. For instance, finding Magnolias that aren't a dwarf cultivar, stuff like that. Thank you for your suggestion!

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Try Cure Nursery. They are in NC.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cure Nursery

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Thanks ncrescue, I was unaware of that nursery. I live fairly close too.

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Forgot to say that they are wholesale, but you can see if they have what you want. Then, ask your local nursery to get them for you. At least this way you will know you have the ecotype (they grow all of their plants from local seeds) that has a good chance of survival in NC.

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Over near Asheville there is native tree nursery called Carolina Native Nursery. They are primarily a wholesale operation (I think) but I believe they sell at a few farmers markets or maybe they partner with a few garden centers. They should have everything on your list.

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I think they are having a big sale Oct.12; check out their plant list.

Here is a link that might be useful: Carolina Native Nursery

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wilson1(7 G'boro NC)

Another great place for native trees is Niche Gardens near Chapel Hill. I have gotten several native trees from them - Carolina Silverbell and Fringetree. The trees are small, but that may be a good thing.


They also have an online catalog so you may be able to see if they have what you want.

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J & D (I think those are the initials) on 15-501 just past Pittsboro Lowes going toward CH-H, has things like Fringe Tree (Grandfather's Beard) I've never seen that in a nursery

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You are thinking of B&L Landscape Supply. They are at 3408 15/501, Pittsboro. Also, Niche Gardens is focused entirely on native plants.

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