Brug Seed Saving Help

grittymitts(7/8)November 12, 2010

My SIL has saved a couple o' hundred seeds from her Brugs and asked me how to store the seeds, so thought some of y'all might offer suggestions. Do they tend to have bugs inside like Hardy Hibiscus do?

Altho' they're thriving, she's fought aphids on them all summer...maybe you can help with that too.

She will be moving from Corpus Christi area to near Austin as soon house sale closes & hopes to grow them there nest year.

Thanks so much!!!


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What are those little beasties that hatch inside the hibiscus seeds anyway? They drive me crazy! Brug seeds don't harbor any type of insect. If you are going to store them for any length of time just make sure you allow the corky covering to dry completely then seal them in a seed envelope. I keep my seeds in the veggie crisper drawer of a refrigerator. I've planted 2 yr old brug seeds and have had a decent germination rate but the sooner you plant them the better.

For aphid control I use ladybugs and lacewings. I also spray the plants with a strong stream of water from the hose periodically. You can use a horticultural oil like neem, Murphy's Oil soap and dish soap also work. The Murphy's and dish soap are diluted in water. Pick and squish works as well but is gross and time consuming. lol

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chena(z8 Texas)

After they are thoroughly dried (most important) I also bag and store in a mason jar in the door of the ice box and I keep the pollen in the freezer.


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For aphids I plant garlic bulbs around my plants. These are the large Elephant Garlic and are found around here growing wild.

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