15g Improved Meyer Lemon

dbusboomMay 18, 2014

Well Ladies and Gents I think I've done it. Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since my husband and had our trees planted to complete our small backyard landscape. Of those 3 trees and several vines/shrubs our "improved Meyer Lemon" is not doing well at all.

We've (really I've) done tons of research before and even still now regarding the care of our tree. The nursery delivered and planted the tree. We've followed all the rules as they instructed us to do. Mixed our "Not so awesome AZ soil with mulch soil 50/50" we watered it well allowing it dry between waterings. After it was planted the tree we purchased did have fruit. The nursery manager who planted our trees/tree explained to help focus energy on the root development to remove the fruit so energy can go into the growth/recovery. We were advised not to fertilize till we see new growth. We've literally followed all the rules. Its planted in the ground on the north side of my N/S exposed home. It's in a well drained area with Sun and Shade and plenty of room. BUT - it's not doing well AT ALL.

We knew there would be some transplant shock but everyday more leaves are literally curling and drying up. It's breaking my heart. Our tree is insured for the first 3 months since the nursery did plant it, but ........I'm hoping I do not have to go down the road. I will post pictures tomorrow since it's literally been my first full day off since it was planted. I'm so at a loss. I was told that Improved Meyer Lemon trees in my Zone are fool proof. Grrrrrr. HELP!!

I can give as many details as you need. I just want this anxiety that I'm killing something to go away. I've always been known to have a green thumb, but...... For this poor booger, it's become brown :-( .

Thanks Friends, Appreciate your help.

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Meyers are very sensitive to dramatic changes in light. If you radically change the light conditions, which you have done, it will drop many/most/all of its leaves to replace them with new leaves better suited to the new light conditions. Do not panic; keep it watered; give it a light fertilizing at the drip line; and have patience... it WILL recover; and it WILL give you lots of lemons and most of the year.

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Please provide photos. I suspect you may need to provide more water. You soil is pretty sandy, and even with amending your soil, the water retention I suspect is poor, especially if it's been hot (you don't mention what your air temps have been during this time). John is giving you excellent advice - be patient, citrus trees a very resilient. Meyers are very sensitive to transplant shock, and it might take a bit for the tree to recover, but it will. I think patience is in order, enough water, a dilute fertilizing, and I think you'll see your tree bounce back in no time.

Patty S.

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A little patience. I've been going through the same with mine but now at 5 weeks i have many new leaf sprouts and full of flowers and small fruit.
Just to be safe, mark that 3 month on your calendar, (seem a very short time).

I initially thought pour drainage but i am unfamiliar with your soil. I left mine out on a cool rainy day and a similar thing happened and i was at the worry stage...

Post back and a pic if things do not improve after a few weeks.

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Here are the photos. Sorry for the delay. My tree is only getting worst. The warranty I thought I had with it from purchasing it from the nursery and paying for them to install it obviously is worth nothing. Grrrr.....

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Here is another one. This was just taken 3 days ago.. Even more leaves are starting to have signs of whatever this is.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Could it be Citrus Leaf Miners???

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That is exactly what I was thinking. I've pruned infected branches. Hoping this helps.

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Don't prune.. the damage is done; fertilize, water prudently, give your tree an ISD (imidacloprid soil drench); and be patient. Your leaf damage looks more like slugs/snalis.

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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

That tree looks like mine after transplanting them 2 months ago and they are now doing fine.

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BarbJP CA 15-16/9B

That looks more like heat scorch to me rather than CLM damage.

Did you have a few days of very hot weather, over 90* and up, sometime after you transplanted? I've seen that kind of damage on newly planted trees when there's been a heat wave soon after.

We don't often get the kind of heat you folks do here in NorCal, but sometimes we do.
I've found putting a patio umbrella over the new plant for a few days until it cools down, helps quite a lot to prevent scorch.
And you can get scorched leaves even if the soil is moist on a new plant. It's when the moisture moves out of the leaves faster than the small root system can pull up water.

Anyway, that's imo, for what it's worth. I think they'll be ok.

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