Citrus from seed - overwatering.

menotvMay 28, 2012

Ive just started growing some citrus (lemon and satsuma) from seed and when i was doing my reading up about it to start with i read that i should keep the soil moist for the early stages of their development. now they are about an inch high and some are showing signs of overwatering, thought this has happened at the same time as some pretty hot sunny weather here.

is not the time to abandon the moist soil rule and start treating them like trees... ie give them a good water and then wait til they're completely dty (even starting to wilt) before rewatering?

Any other tips for citrus at this early stage would be much appreciated.



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Hmmm. i came to the conclusion that i was indeed overewatering them and could see that there was still a bit of moisture in the soil an inch under the surface. So they had a day with lots of sun and now they're all close to dead. humidity an issue here? Its not humid where they are at all.

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