dwarf meyer lemon

plantgnome(6b//7)May 22, 2012

When can I expect this to set fruit?

This is a potted dwarf lemon tree-it is supposedly a dwarf Meyer Lemon tree. The tree receives 4-5 hours of full sun each day. (when the sun is out) I water when the top 1 inch of soil is dry and I fertilize every 2 weeks with Dr. Earth Fruit tree fertilizer. I think the tree was only about 1 year old when I got it in October 2011. It was about a foot tall. Unfortunately I purchased this from Guerneys, which didn't say how big it would be at shipping time nor how old it was. I should have gotten a bigger tree from a different site. It has put on about 6 inches of growth since I planted it, but barely has any branching just a lot of foliage.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

is it Grafted? I dont see an obvious graft union. it looks like a seedling tree to me.

grafted trees can typically flower the first year.
seedlings can take many years, 5-12 is pretty common.

either way this one needs to just grow for many years before you would allow it to set fruit.

Also you should try and get it atleast 8 hours of light and be careful about watering. Just because the top of the soil is dry doesnt mean the rootzone is.

I have linked some very informative reading on container soils


Here is a link that might be useful: Container soils

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Guerneys reply- bears fruit at 3 years old-is produced by cuttings. So fed up with this company. never again

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There is nothing wrong with a potted Meyer's Lemon grown from a cutting. It is a common way of rapidly producing an ornamental plant that will fruit perfectly well just as quickly as a grafted plant.
If you require a highly productive tree for growing outside, then you should select a plant grafted on to a rootstock suitable for your local conditions.
However, supplying a well-grown cutting is not justification for criticising the producer. For many people's reqirements it is a good way to produce a suitable plant at reasonable cost.

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Nothing wrong with a rooted cutting.

It looks like its gonna need to put on some bulk before you can expect fruit.

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If it is a rooted cutting, it is not a dwarf Meyer.

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