Dwarf Potted Key Lime

plantgnome(6b//7)May 22, 2012

Any idea when can I expect this to set fruit.

I received this in October 2011 and it was considerably smaller than it is now, it is now 14 inches tall. I feed with Dr. Earth Citrus Tree fertilizer every 2 weeks and water when top inch or two are dry. I have no idea how old it was when I got it as Guerneys description did not say. It gets 4-5 hours of sun per day (when the sun is out of course). I am a newbie when it comes to fruit trees.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

I replied to your other topic which would apply to this one as well.

something else I meant to add to the other post was I wonder if these trees from Gurney's are rooted cuttings.

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I don't know-wouldn't be surprised if they were. probably never get any fruit :(

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It being a rooted cutting isn't a problem at all.

It could probably use more sun (4-5 hours isn't really enough), and its probably going to need to get a bit bigger before you see fruit.

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Guerneys told me it was 2 years old when shipped in oct 2011 so maybe next year it will fruit.As well as the dwarf meyers lemon.

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John is right! You can get fruit on cuttings with ease. I make cuttings all the time and will get fruit even on a 4 inch high cutting.
In fact, in some cases, I much more prefer cuttings for potted citrus.

It will fruit in less time than that if you give it what John suggests.


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The cuttings though will eventually take on full form and not be dwarf though correct? So they will have to end up in the ground at some point?

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