I wasn't gonna do this, but... another ID, please

kwie2011August 6, 2014

I got it for 75 cents because it is pretty sad, and our small town Walgreen's manager is cool.

I think it's an Aeonium. That's as close as I can get. Look at the stem and branches on this crazy, TINY plant! I hope it is a miniature version of its mature self.

In case you can't see, it has tiny teeth along the leaf edges, and it is variegated.

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

I'm not sure but that plant has tons of potential :-)


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I don't own any Aeoniums but pretty sure this is Aeonium arboreum 'Variegatum'. Very nice variegated species, hope you can make it happier than it is right now!

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I agree about the potential, Stoney. I'm so tickled to have this little guy. Messed up as it is at the moment, it's still beautiful. Sadly, its twin in another pot had completely melted.

That is fantastic news, David! Thank you. I love A. arboreum (been drooling over purpureum). I didn't know there was a white variegated variety, and I had no idea that young ones were just miniatures of the giants. I'm so excited! I LOVE this little plant.

I would love some advice as I really want to save this little guy, and don't trust my skill. I potted it in some pumice for now until I have some gritty mix made. Two more little rosettes fell off as I did it, leaving it with 5 dead-end branches, one big rosette on top, and one little branch that still has a rosette. Should I leave those little dead end branches as they are? Will they branch or bud new rosettes?

And, the two minuscule rosette that fell off - no bigger around than a fingernail - can they be saved? How should I handle them? Each has a wee bit of branch still attached.

Thanks as always, guys! I'm so excited about my 75 cent plant! I feel like a little kid! :-D

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a_shau(San Francisco 8b)

Hi - er, not sure what the status of this plant is, but I noticed that you had some dangling questions here that I thought I'd try to help you with.

If you still have the tiny rosettes that fell off and they're still alive, I'd just stick them in some cactus soil, don't water it and leave them in a bright sun-filled area, but not direct sun, while they root. Oh, and leave the stem on, just put the whole stem in your cactus soil.

After a couple of weeks you can give it a tug to see if they're rooting, but another way you can tell is if you can see new leaves developing from the center, then that is an indicator that it has rooted. I THINK you can give it a little water then, but maybe google this plant, because summer is supposed to be dormancy period for them (which I know conflicts with what I just said about new leaves growing. hey, we're experimenting here!)

As for the dead branches that are shooting off the main stem, I would just gently take them off the stem. Mainly because you don't want to waste any nutrients possibly going to those stems, also because they're kind of unsightly, and thirdly, on the very off chance that at some point down the line they may be spots where new rosettes form!

Lastly, if you have a spot outdoors to put it, I would put it there. I haven't had too much luck with my aeoniums inside the house, even when I put them in a sunny window, but the ones that are outside always seem to do better. That said, it looks like yours might be small enough that it's ok to have them inside.

Good luck!

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