Kilian Donahue in right location?

gigim(8A SC)June 19, 2013

I planted a tiny Kilian Donahue Clematis (type 2) that I purchased from Blue Stone about 3 weeks ago (it is about 4"tall with 4 or 5 stems coming from the ground). My concern is that it will not get enough sun to bloom as right now it is only getting about 3 hours, as the season progresses I hope there will be more as the sun moves across the summer sky. It is planted in my herb garden, at the wall with a trellis for support - where all the herbs are happy and healthy (photo) eastern exposure.

I thought I would leave it and see how we do for a season or two and move only if it would not bloom. My concern is that although it looks healthy it has not gotten any larger in 3 weeks. I know that root growth is what I want this first (and perhaps next)season but expected to see more top growth (even if I had to cut it back)

Is my plan to leave it and see how it does for 2 seasons a good idea as long as it looks healthy? It has been raining most days for all these weeks so perhaps that is decreasing the sun it is getting as well. The only thing I amended it with at planting time was bone meal as the soil is good.

Thank you for any advice, I really hope it will thrive and bloom there.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

An eastern location with only 3 hrs. sun in June???

Your Kilian Donahue Clematis (type 2) will probably not flower well without more sun.

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If your herbs are healthy, and they are sun lovers, your clematis should be fine. You may be getting more sun than you think, and the shade is bright due to nearby lighter surfaces that will reflect some light and lack of overhanging plants.

Clematis are one of the plants that require some patience unless planted from a one gallon or larger pot. IME you won't see a lot of top growth on a Bluestone clem in the first year. They are pretty small; some folks grow them for the first year in a larger pot, though I find I do better planting them directly into the ground. It will be working on growing roots for this year. Next year it will be a bit larger, but you should prune it like a type 3 (hard prune to the the lowest one or two buds to encourage more stems to grow from the base.) In the third year it will really begin to look good sized.

Be sure that it has adequate moisture and that the nearby plants aren't too close and shading the clematis or providing root competition and then just do as your instincts suggested:
"I thought I would leave it and see how we do for a season or two and move only if it would not bloom." I'd only move it if it isn't blooming by your third season.

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