Clematis sources in southwestern Ontario or mail order anywhere i

sharon_canJune 1, 2010

There was a thread a couple of years ago about purchasing clematis in Canada and I wondered if anything new had turned up since. I have about 200 so am looking for something unusual. Aside from an odd one at a box store, I purchase mostly from Garden Import (mail order) and Lost horizons, Acton (no mail order). Anything new out there?


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Sharon, I was the one that posted originally, I think. I've since purchased some from Lindenburg Seeds. They were VERY inexpensive, but also very tiny! I potted them up for the summer, planted them last fall, and they've all come up this spring. However, here, patience is a virtue....I don't expect anything much from them for another year or so. I would be very interested to know of any other place that mail-orders larger plants also. I see so many on this forum that we just can't get in Canada (not even at Garden Import).

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Clearview Clematis is located Aldergrove B.C. and is one of the largest suppliers of clems to anywhere in North America (many of the popular internet clematis sources purchase their plants as starts or plugs from Clearview) and they do direct online sales a well.

Plants are typically small - 3.5" pots - but a good variety and a healthy product.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clearview Clematis

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I need help. I see no way of ordering anything but a book.

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Clearview doesn't do retail, boohoo.
I have writen to them on several occasions.

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Oops, make that written to Clearview.
I wish there was a way to edit posts.

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You state Clearview Does "direct online sales as well". How do I do it?

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