Do these guys look okay? (potential rot worries)

JaredhelloAugust 3, 2014


So my reorganization was a success, but we've had some pretty rainy days the past few days and as such I'm a little worried about some of my plants. (just click on the pictures to see a bigger version)

^ the one I'm worried about is the haworthia; It's "Black Gem". Is the color change it's experiencing okay/normal? It's only been out in a few hours sunlight every day for the past 3 days or so. Also worried about the baby lithops too... I don't want him to die!

^ They all seem to be doing alright. The sedums in particular seem to be enjoying the sunlight greatly, as shown by their dark purple color change or pink changes.

It seems they got a good soaking from the rain (I couldn't pull them out of the rain fast enough/quick enough) and as such they're pretty wet right now. Think they'll be okay?

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What kind of soil are they in? Hopefully they're in a gritty mix?......

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Of course they are. 50% perlite 50% cactus mix, as everyone recommends (hell it may be more than 50% I don't know)

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How wet does the soil feel?

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I wouldn't say everyone recommends that mix, because I wouldn't. Over time, the peat moss in the bagged mix will break down, clogging the pores in the soil, decreasing the drainage and aeration. Also, that wouldn't be classified as gritty mix, as only the perlite is somewhat "gritty". It'll work for a short time, but be aware that your mix is going to fail you at some point. For more information, search these forums with the words "gritty mix".


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50/50 perlite and cactus soil mix is okay, but probably not fast-draining enough if you have them outdoor and they get rained on quite often, so I would be very cautious with that. And the other thing with that mix is as mentioned, you might have to repot them much sooner.

Nice arrangement of plants, though. The only plant I'm a bit worried about is the baby's toes Fenestraria. They look a bit soggy and etiolated, and I'm not sure if the purple colour is from much sun exposure or something else, but I think that is okay. This plant belongs to the mesembs family, and require much more care on watering, and which is why I wouldn't recommend putting them together with your sedums and echies. They can explode quite easily if get a big too much water. Observe them and see how they do, if they start to look worse then I would suggest you repot them in their own space.

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Thank you!

We had a really nice day today, lots of sun and it was relatively warm out so I think all of the pots got to dry out.

I also moved them in a little bit, I think I found a good spot where they'll still get sun but not get rained on anymore.

The Baby toes probably looked soggy because i took that picture literally right after it got a good amount of rain on it. I'm going to keep them dry for at least a week or two so they shouldn't have any more rot problems. As to the etolation, well they were from Lowes and had been sitting there presumably for a while... Some of the toes actually have flower buds (I'm doubting any will actually flower though)

Also, no one addressed this;

Is the color change in the Alworthia "Black Gem" normal to that sickly yellowish green tone? I was and still kinda am worried that it's dying... it doesn't seem to be squishy or anything but i just want to be sure.

OH and

The key lime pie is getting really close to opening!!

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I see, yeah they have really bad conditions in big-box stores, I;ve rescued a few myself so I know what you mean. Should start to look better with your care then.

That's a pretty large Haworthia you've got there. I'm not familiar with that species but I think the discoloration you're talking about is simply older leaves slowly wilting and drying out, which is totally normal I think. The plant looks healthy otherwise. Also they tend to change colour if received a huge amount of sun.

Please update us when your key lime pie opens up, mine has been having a stalk since a month and a half ago, still looking quite thin and I think it needs another month or so to open up.

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I've got an X alworthia "Black Gem" (which is a cross between Haworthia cymbiformis & an unknown Aloe) and mine has never gone black. They need plenty of sun (not like your ordinary Haworthia) so don't mix them.

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