Flapjack (Kalanchoe thyrsifolia) tipping

greenisgoodAugust 3, 2007

I was recently gifted a flapjack which one of my co-workers had at her desk for the past year under flourescent lights. It seems to be very healthy, but has tipped over the side of the pot. I would like to trim it, or clone it, or stake it up. So it can stand tall and proud, and maybe fill outward. But I am not sure what to do. From other posts I have read the babies sound healthier then the parent plants. Could you please tell me how to either 1) prune it back, 2) clone it and re-plant a shorter portion.. or which other options I have? Thank you for your plant wisdom!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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sjv78736(austin texas)

This plant needs more sun. Do you know what kind of soil it is potted in?
(Personally, I have never seen one of these grown successfully indoors) Am including a link so that you may see what a healthy flapjack looks like. You may wish to re-pot it in a fast draining soil (no peat) and set it outside in bright shade to acclimate to full sun. hth - Jo

Here is a link that might be useful: flapjack

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That is very small. Mine, when I bought it was way bigger than that even potted. Once they flower, the stalk will flop over and that mother plant will die. By the time this happened with mine, it had put out five pups around its base. Your guy seems a bit malnurished. This plant loves full sun and will red around the edges the way it did is Jo's link.

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well.. it has flopped over, this is true. I can put it in full sun for awhile to see if any pups come up. any advice on cutting it and forcing roots? It is potted in a nice gravel now.. drains very well.

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sjv78736(austin texas)

Did you just repot this plant? If so, when you had it out of the dirt did you see any roots? or have they rotted off? Is the main stem nice and firm or mushy?
Don't set it directly into the sun right away as it may sunburn. Set it in bright shade or filtered sun for at least a week and let it acclimate to more light...then move it out into more sun. hth - Jo
(oh...these plants pup when they flower and this one is not going to flower until it is healthier.)

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I have not re-potted it. Main stem is nice and firm. It started dropping leaves from the bottom of the stem (closest to the gravel) since I moved it out to my covered porch which gets good sun. (now I feel bad for the little guy that I moved him away from the flourescents.at least he was stable there!)

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