Dried up roots on Sedum sp. leaf

SamanthaMH(4)August 27, 2012

Hello all,

Maybe someone can help me...

A few weeks ago, I placed a Sedum sp. leaf (I think...) on a light potting mix/perlite mixture and put it in a bright window behind some of my other plants to shade it a bit. It quickly developed roots and I began misting around the roots every other day or so. I went away for the weekend and found that the roots that had been produced (about 5-7) have dried up and turned brown.

Is there any hope for the little leaf to begin producing roots again?

Thank you,


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Yes, but it also might be developing subterranean roots too, eventually developing into a plant. Keep misting every or every other day or so and it should start growing soon.

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Thank you for the positive news! :)

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