I hurt my Mammillaria hahniana :(

Isis30(8b TX)August 23, 2014

I thought I was taking things slow and careful when I was removing a hunk of hot glue from where they attached a stupid straw flower to the cactus but I ended up taking the tops off a couple little spikes. Will they callus over and be ok?

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It'll look alittle "ugly," for some time, but it will be fine. It will callous over and next year, you probably won't even notice where the spines came off. I disfigured one of my cacti horribly a few years ago. I took off three chunks of tissue (long story) and left gapping wounds, about the size of eraser tips. A year later, you couldn't tell where the damage was!

Don't beat yourself up. That hot glue is hard to remove without moving spines/tissue.


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Isis30(8b TX)

Thanks Planto! I don't mind it looking disfigured for a while, I'm just glad it won't die from this.

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Of course. :)


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