Potted Lime Tree

robjamMay 21, 2010

I have a lime tree in a pot , the young limes have been turning yellow and dropping off,any suggestions/

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There is no detail as to your cultural habits or even the enviroment it is subjected to..

Can you prodie it so we can help..:-)


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The lime tree is in a pot in full sun on potio.The potting soilreads from 5 to 7 with a moisture meter.

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Hi robjam, there are a few other things that would be helpful.

How long have you had this tree?

What size is the tree?

What size is the pot?

When was it last re-potted?

What do you fertilize it with and how often?

How much do you water it and how often?

What kid of soil is it in?

How many hours of direct sun does it receive?

What are its average high and now temps?

Does the tree appear to be otherwise healthy?

Are their any signs of infestation or disease?

Is this something new or is this the first time it has done this?

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