Seperation question.

MisselleAugust 6, 2014

Haya all :-) So I've has these guys happily sharing for a while now, two sedums, a kalanchoe and a jade. And they are going great guns! They have tripled in size Since I first planted them together. So i'm wondering if they are ok to stay as is or of I should move them into their own pots, or if not when? I don't want them getting so big their roots get all tangeled together and it becomes a mission to re-pot, but they seems happy for now so I'm not sure... Any advice would be great! :-)

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At some point, the jade will need to moved out, but the other three can stay there for a very long time (until they start to crowd each other out). Root entanglement is not a big deal.

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Ok thanks Izrddr :-)

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