Help with ID and What do I do Next?

Enterotoxigenic00August 21, 2012

I posted this on house plants in error so I'm going to post it here also.

This is the pot of cacti acquired from a neighbor lady.

They were yellowish brown and shriveled. There is damage

to some of them but hopefully it is from being dry/dying.

After a week or so with water and a little dirt it is

starting to spring back. It has a few buds and bloomed

this a.m. Pretty white with pink. It is away from other

plants in case it is infectious. I almost threw it away

but I remember reading 'wait before throwing out' or

something to that nature by pirate_girl I believe. I

am glad I waited but what do I do next? Is it an


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

My guess is Echinopsis oxygona or Easter lilly cactus. It is hardy to 8b or 15 F. this plant has 14 different names that is listed on DG. so google away. If you don't like this name you 've got a ton to pick from.

If they have been in the pot for a long time, one may need to change the dirt. Dirt gets played out after a couple of years. Make sure it is suitable dirt not the comercial cactus dirt. That need to be cut with perlite and pummice or something for the drainage 50/50.

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