Citrus newbie seeks yuzu advice

deebo82(8 Puget Sound/WA)May 10, 2011


I recently purchased a cute little yuzu seedling! Its healthy-looking and has been growing, but it hasn't started flowering yet. If it's old enough, it should be flowering right about...... now.. right? I haven't really been fertilizing it much, is that the reason? Thanks!


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Could be. Meyer_Mike taught me about Foliage Pro and it works wonders.

After one measley year of growing Citrus, I have come to at least one realization- they are some of the more finicky, needy plants out there. Cats in another form.

I procured a Yuzu about a year ago. It just kind of sat there. No growth, no flowering, just a static, zombified state. Towards the very end of the Winter, it suddenly flowered and flushed and now has a bunch of fruit. In fact, they are about 1/3 of their eventual harvest size.

Go figure.

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A Yuzu grown from a seed (seedling tree) can take up to 8 years, depending on the culture you give the tree, before a Yuzu matures and begins to fruit. Had you purchased a grafted tree, you probably could expect fruit in a year.

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deebo82(8 Puget Sound/WA)

Well, it is a grafted dwarf tree, I'm not sure exactly how old it is though..

I guess I'll search the forum for fertilizer advice, thanks!


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No need. Foliage Pro every time you water.

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