Satsuma Owari

Simantov(7)May 24, 2012

I purchased an Owari satsuma mandarin tree and have had it for about a month. According to the label that came with it was about 5 months old, as it was grafted on 11/22/11. At the same time I also received a calamondin tree, it was about a year and a half old. The Satsuma has not grown at all, nor has it put out any new leaves, while the calamondin is flourishing. The satsuma is healthy, slight leaf curl to the underside, bit otherwise looks good. Yesterday, I re-potted it into a bigger container with Fafard 52 and CitrusTone. I am hoping for some growth soon. The grower said to be patient and give it some time.

Any ideas. I will post pictures so you can see what I am talking about, when I figure out how.

Thank you for any advice.

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Not all citrus are created equal; some like calamondin grow fast and produce quickly; some, especially mandarins tend to grow much slower and may take longer to produce fruit.
The most important thing, in which you have erred, is that when you plant a citrus you should not fertilize it for at least 2 weeks, and maybe closer to a month. The absence of fertility causes the roots to grow in search of food; and after the roots grow, the leaves and branches will grow and then they need food.
I have experimented with Citrus Tone in my nurseries and have found it to be pretty hot; a little is good, a little more will burn a young citrus or maybe kill it.

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I guess I did not mention that I have the tree for a little over a month and put about a teaspoon of Citrus Tone. The fertilizer idea was from the nursery from which it came. Hopefully I did not do any harm. After 24 hours it still looks ok, so I am hopeful.
When I re-potted it the roots looked like it was throughout all the medium it came in.
Here is a picture I took of it a couple of days ago.

What fertilizer would you recommend & when should I next fertilize?

Thank you!

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Lets try the image thing again.

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Container growing is a world for container experts; and there are plenty here who can help you; maybe start a new thread with that question, or search the site using that little search box at the top right of the page.
I think you should fertilize about 4 times per year with a citrus fert that has a ratio of NPK near 5-1-3. I would also get a good foliar fert with micronutrients; I use Bayer Bayfolan Forte for my garden trees and apply it every 15 days; others here use Foliage Pro or others.
Some container growers or drip irrigation growers like to apply fertilizer every time they water... sometimes called "weakly weekly". Again, I have little experience with container growing except in my nurseries.

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