Piilu & Blue Angel ??

ditasJune 23, 2013

Hello Clematis lovers/collectors ~ I aquired a few baby (4"pots) Clems end of May! As I did in the past temporarily potted them in large nursery pots to grow in, as I find ideal sites for them. I only pinched a bit just to checkout their colors since they developed buds quickly.
My ??: Now they have flushed & found out more about these 2 ~ when should I be pinching them more?
~ Can I pair them up (to climb an obelisk in 2014) in an aft'n f/s site?


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I wouldn't pair them. Piilu is relatively short in stature and a type 2 prune, while Blue Angel is about twice as big and a type 3. I like to match size, so that one doesn't overwhelm the other, and pruning type for ease of care.

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Agree with Babs....also, they are both pastel...think you need more contrast in color tone.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I agree that with both being pastel they would not stand out well.
Here is Blue Angel and Warsaw Nike on a trellis from last year.
They have just started blooming and this year there are more WN at the top of the trellis and the BA on near the bottom of the trellis. Wish they would mingle more.

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Thank you very much for your thoughts & see all the sense especially w/ mnswgal photo, thank you ~ gives emphasis on the contrast idea!

I've been actually thinking of pairing up 1 of the BA to my old Ramona out front (w/ ok from the city) planted at the foot of a No Parking post next season!

The reason for Piilu & BA paring thought is for P to fill up the base & BA covering up the top for a pastel obelisk. But now that both babies are abloom pairing would be a waste!!!

TYVM again!!!

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