POTD : Dalia decided to bloom as a cutting in the house

givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)November 20, 2009

A thundering good morning from Central Texas

Guess the weatherman was right on with the rain for today.

Ingrid I wish I could send some to CA.

I am so looking forward to NEXT winter. Now you say, NEXT or this winter, right? No I mean next winter. Cause I got it all figured out what I do next winter with the brugs lol

They will all go into the ground. Can stay there and finish blooming!!! Should we get frost, I just take a few back up cuttings. But not panic anymore and cut them down way to early.

Luckily the Dalia decided to open the one and only bloom it had. It was just a tiny plant and the 1st season. From POTD for November 09

Left is Santa Rosa and on the right is Dalia. You could really see the waxy look on that one.

But I tell you, I cut down the Jacayna x Morgensonne too and brought it inside to root. It too had still blooms on it. It was the 1st time that the smell of ONE bloom was to much for me to be in the same room as an angel lol.

Of course Andrew's Gold is standing next to me in his pot. I will pamper that su.... this year lol

If no one else gives you a hug today....you are getting one from me right now.



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PKponder TX(7b)

They are both beautiful Lucy!

Just have a second to post, traffic will be treacherous in the rain.
Y'all have a great day!


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Lucy, at first by the subject line, I expected to see a pix of a dalia not knowing there is a brug named Dalia. Both are beautiful and I do like the waxy look to Dalia and that Santa Rosa's color looks amazing.

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rigo74(7b TX)

Looking good Lucy.


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chena(z8 Texas)

Beautiful Lucy!!
I found a lone Yellow Iris up and blooming today.. We only got a little over a 1/4" of rain which is good for the winter wheat fields but it has been a bit gloomy.. Thanks for the hugs and the pic's..you are always a Bright spot in my day!


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They are both beautiful Lucy. They are strong in the house. Had to shut my bedroom window. The ones in the ground were making me sick, lol.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Kristy I can just imagine how much fragrance you must have going on at night with all those blooms. AHHHHHHHHHHHH what a beautiful sight that was.

Kylie isn't it beautiful when you find SOMETHING at all in bloom :-)

Rigo my friend, thanks. Kids and you still gardening together?

Eloise I double checked too, especially looking for the H lol But yeah, it IS A BRUG lol Otherwise there would have been a OT lol

Pam hope the driving was not to bad. But I was glad I did not have to go anywhere. I do not like to drive in the rain.

Glad everyone liked the lil Dalia

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