grow lights ?

Citrus_canuck(6b)May 6, 2013

I have 5 trees, that I am currently unable to put outside. #1 incredibly windy, #2 still frost risk, #3 maybe 2-3 hours sunlight, total. (too many tall trees around)

I have had trees before, all have done great, until I had them inside for winter. I have options of taking them to a friends yard, where I have a garden, so they would be checked regularly, I just would love to keep them here, but it would be strictly grow light, and outdoor time for more of the heat than light. I was thinking grow lights at night, outside in the heat for the day??

How many hours should the trees be under the grow lights? I have 5-full spectrum bulbs all around the trees, not sure if thats enough or not. The leaves have all turned towards the lights (and I have been rotating the trees)

I have 2 meyer lemons (one... I will do anothr post about) 2 key limes and a calamondin. all about the same size, all have new growth, flowers and fruit on (key limes are just now flowering)

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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

this is what I used to grow the following tree

--------------------------PICTURES OF THE TREE-------------------

All these pics are of the same tree

The equipment used below
The light buckets use 2 plastic 5 gallon buckets lined with foil. the upper bucket contains a 13 watt 5300K CFL bulb. The two are stacked as in the picture below.

this light bucket was used for this tree. this can be used in trash cans, 55 gallon drums , sonna tubes or a grow box as seen below.

This 2FT by 2FT with 8 light can take a larger trees. Set the height to match your trees needs. All 4 walls and the ceiling should be painted bright high gloss white

This 4' by 4" with 12 light system might be able to handle all your trees.

Click on the link below to start my 6 sec./picture slide show of my bucket light system that was used on most my trees

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I recently did a lot of fact-finding on this question. 12 - 16 hours light exposure is optimal. For my indoor and semi-indoor trees, I'm giving them 8 hours of (dark) rest time.

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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

I forgot to mention that I provide 16 hours per day total, lights plus sun

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I have been giving them 18ish hours light right now, but, I turn them around as the lights dont reach everything good enough. I have my plants near a window (no direct sun) on a coffee table with a 5 headed light, each head with a full spectrum bulb. each within 3-10" from main branches. The bulbs do not produce heat, so I figure closer to the plant, the better, correct?

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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

The CFL put out 100% heat with 15% of the heat as electromagnetic energy in the visible light spectrum. The plants won't burn unless you get closer than 1 inch. you are safe. You will need to do a lot of experimenting and reading photobucket's instructions. your link takes you to photobucket picture that state you have move your picture away. I have enough experience to know to click on the arrow and photobucket takes me into your album where every thing you have is accessible. Don' put up anything that is private until you learn how to guard it.

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