What's the best RED grapefruit?

azboltMay 12, 2012

Might be a loaded question as I'm sure everyone likes something different, but am curious what people think is the best tasting red grapefruit. I've seen FLAME mentioned a lot lately, but I have no idea what it tastes like. I have a ruby red and enjoy juicing those, but I'd consider mine a "pink", not really red.

Thanks for any input!


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Well, it kind of depends on a few things, Kevin. Container or in ground? And where you live, which I see is AZ. So, what I might recommend, which for me would be a Rio Red, may not be the very best recommendation for you in your much hotter and drier area (although it does do quite well in the Phoenix, AZ area I believe). Actually, you have more varieties available due to your heat index, which grapefruits need to sweeten up. The Rio Red, which is a very excellent tasting red grapefruit doesn't need as much heat to sweeten, which is why I grow it here. For you, I would think Rio Red should do exceptionally well. Also Blush is a nice variety for your area. You might want to check with either Whitfill's: http://www.whitfillnursery.com/phoenix-trees.html, or Greenfields: http://www.greenfieldcitrus.com/ to see what other varieties they can suggest for your area. And, all "red" grapefruits are pinkish, not really red, red. If you're looking for something really red, you might want to consider a Valentine pummelo, if you can find it in AZ. It is a triple hybrid pummelo, and quite delicious (pummelo, mandarin, blood orange). And very red due to one of it's parent being a blood orange: http://www.citrusvariety.ucr.edu/citrus/Valentine.html
It is one of my favorite pummelo/grapefruit options. (Be sure to copy and paste these hyperlinks into another browser window, as the hyperlinks are not capturing all characters, so they won't work correctly if you click on them).

Patty S.

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The best tasting grapefruit by far is Duncan, a seedy white grapefruit. Since you juice your grapefruit a few seeds wouldn't matter. I also like the Golden grapefruit from Texas which is a very mild orange colored seedy grapefruit. As you should notice, I am not a fan of red grapefruit other than for looking at as IMHO they are not the best tasting, but probably the best marketed grapefruit.

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I'm also a fan of this one as I ate tons of them in Indian River Florida in the 60s/70s.

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I just joined and wanted to ask this question on here myself. I just bought a Ray Ruby grapefruit which is supposed to be 2-4 x darker than ruby red. I once had Star Ruby but lost it in the hurricane of 04. It was slowly dying of foot rot which I found out recently, has been a problem for this type. I want the high Lycopene levels of a red or would just get my favorite which is Duncan. I do have Oro Blanco so do, at least have a white for the early season. Would like to know if anyone has compared Ray alongside the variety Flame in Florida?

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All good advice, thanks! I might have to take a drive over to Greenfield Citrus. Has anyone tasted the Flame variety, any comments on that?


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