Something ate my H. F. Young

jacquierz5bmiJune 2, 2009

I bought an H. F. Young clematis last year at Walmart that I have been pinching back so it will branch out more. I went out to look at it today and couldn't find it. I finally found some little 3" leafless branches sticking out of the ground. Probably the rabbits got it because it is planted between a trellis and a shed. I have two questions. Will this recover from such a severe pruning this late in the spring or should I just dig it out?

Do any of you have problems with deer or rabbits snacking on your clematis and what do you do to protect when they are young? I have two others which I just planted this year. Niobe and Bees Jubilee.

Thank you very much for any advice and help.


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

It should recover. Pruning helps Clematis, it doesn't hurt them.

I have had slugs and earwigs eat them to almost nothing like that. No deer or rabbits possible at my house.

Perhaps a chicken wire cage to protect them?

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We bought dark green vinyl-coated chicken wire at Menards's. It's 2' high but DH cut it in half to 1' high & put it around the base of our clems in a circle, oval, or rectangle. Whatever shape you want based on available space, it's flexible.
The green blends in nicely with the foilage. We had used plain chicken wire (cheaper) but it rusted (& the ends scratched our hands more easily) so we switched to the vinyl coated wire and really like it.
Sorry about the rabbits...we battle them also.

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Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions. I think until I get to the hardware store to buy some sort of wire - we live in the boonies - I am going out every night to cover them with large buckets. Between the bunnies and the deer, I'm constantly trying to think of things to outwit them.
thanks again,

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