California Cactus Center

stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)August 3, 2014

I love this place. Many hard to find exotic species.
Anyone else in the Los Angeles area been here?
BTW, been going here since early 90's.


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Probably any one into cactus who lives in southern California has been there

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I actually live in Colorado and just went last weekend! Bought 12 beautiful plants to ship home :)

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

How did you find it. That's awesome!
What did you buy?


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I had seen photos and heard about people's experiences there in the succulent communities on Facebook and Flickr, and when I found out it was only 50 minutes from a relative's house I decided I had to go!

I got a huge E. 'Decora,' E. runyonii with a foot-long flower stalk - that DID survive the trip home in the mail :D, E. setosa var. oteroi, variegated flapjacks, a couple of unknowns, one of which appears to be related to E. runyonii but with a lovely salmon color and another with a purple color (these were in rough shape with mealies, but I got them for free and I know I can nurse them back to health), E. 'Lola,' E. 'Blue Sky,' some sort of pachy, possibly glutinicaule, Hummel's sunset jade, a kalanchoe? that I have yet to identify, and xGraptosedum 'Ghosty' for my relative who is just getting started on succulents! I had heard rumors that it was an expensive place, but I found it extremely reasonable - perhaps I am just used to Colorado prices, since succulents here are harder to come by they charge a premium. I spent $66 for everything. Overall I would highly recommend it! The arrangements especially are amazing to look at, although not mail-friendly. Here is a photo of my purchases:

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Very nice and the trademark cardboard box too :-)

I was just there last week and bought some of their own soil mix and this guy. Dorstenia Foetida. Wasn't exactly a cheap purchase @ $15 but I really liked it! Have a really nice dark green bonsai pot I am going to put him in.

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Very nice! I didn't look at the prices of many of the plants since I am mainly interested in fleshy succulents. I know they have many cacti, agaves, aloes and different types of bromeliads for sale that I didn't look at. I can say, though, that if you are after a variegated Agave victoriae-reginae you will pay a pretty penny - I just happened to see the price :P

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

You have to be really careful with the coded pricing. There are some very expensive plants there, justifiably so.

The thing you have to remember spapa is that nurseries down here can make money all year long because there is no winter. That means that overall the prices are much lower than the vast majority of the country. We also have an enormous number of growers so the supply is huge.

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Right, that is why I said the prices were probably lower than I'm used to and why others may find it expensive when I didn't. I always get jealous when I go to California and see succulents just growing outside! In the ground!

And yes I agree many of the higher priced plants are that price for a reason, like the Agave I mentioned above. You can get sort of an idea of the price as you walk around, based on the code system - as you get farther into the alphabet, prices go up. So you know if you have your eye on a "Z" plant it is the most expensive thing there. My 'Decora' was a J and the most expensive item I bought at $24. Many of the small starter plants out in nursery trays do have prices with them, which is nice.

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