Need Hens & Chicks Help

containertedAugust 4, 2008

I need some help with how to properly start off some Hens & chicks SEEDS. My wife loves the plant and she ordered the 300 seed mix of Hens & Chicks from Parks seed. Please, help me get started in the right direction. What soil to start with? Do I transplant at some time after germination? How long for germination? She threw away any literature that came from Parks and handed me the seeds. HELP!!!! Yes, she does it to me all the time. (sigh)!!!

A marriage of more than 44 years may be riding on this project. :>)

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Instructions on their web-site. At last paragraph.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hens and chicks

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Thanks, Cactusfreak. That gives me one idea for the growing medium.

Now, these are TINY seeds. How deep to plant? Do you "MIST" them with water until they get started or ??????

I looked at the soil in a green one at the local nursery and it looked more like coarse sand with some compost in it. Does anyone use another mixture for the soil?

Do you fertilize, and if so, how often and with what?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Well, I'm a bit hardline here, but perhaps suggest to your wife that for any projects which directions she THROWS AWAY she can do them herself w/out your help.

Throwing any instructions which come w/ a product is (pls. excuse me) absurd. Does she think you are a mind reader? If it were me, I'd contact the vendor & ask them to send me another set of the instructions & then make sure I got to the mail first.

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Semps are pretty tough when they're established. They aren't particularly picky, as long as the soil is fast draining.

I've been using maybe 20 percent commercial succulent mix, and the rest equal amounts of perlite, gravel, and coarse builders sand.

But, I've also planted them in the native soil around the roots of my trees without any augmentation and they've done fine.

I don't water or fertilize any of my semps. But, I've only had them from the spring at the earliest. I don't think they need a lot of fertilizer- I don't plan on feeding them anytime soon.

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Well, thanks to all of you for sharing. I think I can get this off to a good start. I'm still a little nervous about the germination and initial seedling care, but I'll just have to muck my way thru. Y'all take care now, Y'hear.

And, Pirate-Girl, it is with lots of love that I say, "You have a lot to learn about relationships".

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parker806(zone 8 GA)

really, i am sure that she did not throw the instructions away for spite or that she did not do it on purpose. i agree, i would contact the vendor and ask for another set of instructions. i am sure they would be happy to send you another one. thanks

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another site with tip on pre-chilling
If you have to pre-chill it is going to be late in the season and your seedlings will need winter protection in a greenhouse or inside with a grow lamp.
You might want to just put the seeds in a cool garage over the winter and sow next spring.

Here is a link that might be useful: sowing seeds

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milwdave(Zone5 Milwaukee)

If nothing else...just buy more seeds...LOL


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I collected some seeds from two semps that bloomed this year. Check back with me next june to see how they've done :)

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This is an old thread. But to answer the question on how deep to plant, don't plant them deep. Dust them on top of the soil and keep moist/misted till germination, which can take a long while! Don't give up on these, they will germinate just when you want to through the tray away and start over!!!

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