Meyer lemon...(several ??)

Citrus_canuck(6b)May 6, 2013

I have 2, one is in great condition, but the soil mix while chunky and great drainage is HIGHLY compacted (I can barly move any with my fingers) It is in a 5 gallon pot, with a lot of large fruits on it, and a few flowers. Would I lose the fruit that is currently on if I were to repot? It is showing minor signs of fertilizer issues (edges are slightly a different color... if I hadnt had major issues before, I would have thought it was normal) I bought it mainly for the fruit that was on it, but getting 4-5 lemons, isnt worth the price I paid for it. (those in the states... so so lucky all the options you have for citrus trees!)

My other meyer, is slightly, ok, a lot smaller, I put it outside on a warm day, close to the interior temp, just to get them more light. Well, it just happened we had a massive wind storm and it went flying about 6 feet and lost a big branch. Since then, its put out at least 100 (likly closer to 200!) stress buds... they are all over on the main trunk, every single place you look. The entire plant was out of the pot, so I was able to look at the roots, which looked good. I replanted it in the pot and left it alone. It hasnt dropped leaves, but its just looking kind of 'sad' the new growth now looks deformed (I wonder if the horrible winds and being uprooted could have done that as it was just starting to put out new growth when it happened) the leaves slightly curl down, but are an amazing color.

It also has what looks like black dots on some leaves, since the wind issue as well. they are tiny black dots. only see them in the light, it s not a bug as it cannot be removed. Its nothing like the black citrus things I looked online about. The greenhouse stated it may have been shipping damage (but they know NOTHING there, and even a newish to citrus person like myself, had to teach them... A LOT) Sadly I cannot seem to get a picture of the black dots... but it looks like someone took a ball point pen and did polkadots everywhere... and its not on all leaves.

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