Lemons, blooms, no leaves

densiemillMay 4, 2013

My Meyer lemon tree was purchased last spring. I kept it in a container outdoors all summer and moved inside for the winter in a southern sun facing window. It produced one lovely lemon. Once it came inside it lost most of its leaves. This spring it is in constant blooming stage with three lemons and more blooms. But no new leaves. Is this a problem? I have also decided not to put outdoors again. Thoughts?

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Well, if you could post a photo, you would get a lot better advice; but short of that you have probably made some of the classic Meyer lemon errors. First, when you dramatically change the light conditions a Meyer will drop most, if not all its leaves, to replace them later with leaves better suited to the new light conditions. To move a Meyer from outside to inside without the leaf loss, you need to move it from full sun to partial sun for 2 weeks; then to full shade for 2 weeks; then indoors; reverse the process when putting it out in the Spring... and please DO put it out, if you can; you will be rewarded with a happy, healthy plant.
Second, when you bring it indoors to a sunny window, the plant gets warm; but the roots generally stay cool; and citrus roots don't like to grow into cool soil... the solution is to put some sort of heater to warm the soil, or to put the plant a little further from the window. The thing to remember is first the roots grow; and then the leaves and branches.
Now to your current situation... the plant is stressed and "thinks" it is going to die, so it is making seeds (fruit). If you take off the flowers, the tree will only make more; so wait until the flowers drop and then take off all the fruit; soon after that, if you treat it well, it will start to make new leaves... and then you should start to feed it. Have patience, and if you can, post a photo or photos

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Thank you...this was very helpful. I will post a couple photos tomorrow.

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Picture of my stressed tree

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Thanks, the fotos confirm what I thought

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

John did a great diagnosis. my concern along with his is the soil. If I had to guess I would say miracle grow potting soil. You can use MG just fine you will want to amend it heavily with perlite or something similar. What is your climate outside right now. It will be much happier outside for sure.


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