Double and fragrant pink?

ladybuggyz(z7)November 28, 2010

Can anyone recommend a double and fragrant pink brugmansia? I have only enough room to accommodate one more tree and I would love to add an deep/dark pink to my collection. I would prefer something double, but the most important traits I'm looking for is deep pink flowers and highly fragrant. If anyone has smelled or has "Golden Lady" that intensity of fragrance is what I'm looking for. I know that now is the time to buy since folks are or have already cut down their trees so any help with recommendations on a variety that matches the above criteria would be so appreciated. Happy gardening.

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I think that one of the most reliable double pinks is Day Dreams but it's a medium pink color. Pink Perfektion is a deeper color but the blooms can be hit or miss with many deformities but when it's a good bloom it's quite beautiful. My Double L'Amour just bloomed and even though it was inside so the bloom was smaller (a bit deformed) and lighter then it would be outside I really like this one a lot. There's loads of deep single pink varieties. There's several more dbl pink varieties but I couldn't tell you about the intensity of color or scent. Bloom color can be several shades different depending on the growing conditions, even cuttings from the same plant. I'm not sure where in zone 7 you are located but my blooms are a deeper color during hot weather but I also have significantly more bud drop during the hottest part of the summer. My plants really begin blooming well when it begins to cool down but the colors are usually lighter. If you like peach blooms I think New Orleans Lady is one of the best all around doubles. It blooms well and the flowers are big and extremely fragrant.

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Hello and thank you so much for your response. Strange, but is eBay not the go-to place to purchase brugmansias anymore? I just looked for "Day Dreams" and "Double L'Amour" and nobody is selling either of the two. As I said before, I love fragrance. My "Golden Lady" is currently blooming and you can smell it from a block away. That's the kind of impact I'm looking for as well as the pink color. I have "Cotton Candy" but it only blooms at night and the pink is such a light color. I was hoping for something like Daydreams or Pink Perfektion. Double L'Amour is gorgeous but is it a newer variety? I'm not looking to spend too much and was hoping to find something that fit what I was looking for without breaking the bank. I guess I will have to look for either Daydreams, Double L'Amour, or Pink Perfektion. Can anyone recommend somewhere affordable and reliable? I'm so shocked that eBay has no one selling right now?

Thank you so much for all your help. If anyone has any additional recommendations, please share. I have to bring my plants in for the winter and such is the reason why I can only choose one more variety to add to my collection.

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You could check here to see if anyone has cuttings left. I already composted what I didn't send out. As for vendors I think the most reliable brug nursery is Country Garden. It appears that most everything is out of stock until Jan but they have a nice selection and decent prices. Their plants are always healthy and most importantly they are correctly tagged.

Here is a link that might be useful: Country Garden

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