Help Identifying this Clematis - PICS

houstworksJune 9, 2009

It's about 3 years old.

This year it reaches the top of the feeder.

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Sometimes, it is very difficult to identify a Clematis variety even with blooms. It is virtually impossible to do this without flowers. There are hundreds of type II Clematis varieties that look just like this one.

Post pictures when it will bloom for you.

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Thanks Alina
The problem I'm having is it hasn't bloomed.

I haven't cut it back because I don't know what kind of
Clematis it is.
But early this spring before growth some branches came off at the base of the plant.
I wonder if this kept it from flowering this year.

I don't believe I put too much nitrogen in the soil.

I can do a soil test.

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Ok, you just made me go out & look at all the foliage on my different varieties, you pay more attention to the flowers I guess, & couldn't come up with an answer for you. Both my type 2's, LLF & SOME viticellas have leaves like yours. You still aren't seeing any buds?! That's weird, unless it is from the atragene group, which I don't have any of to compare foliage to. If you aren't seeing buds at the state your clematis is at, either there is something majorily wrong or it is a type 1 clematis that hasn't established itself enough to bloom on old wood. The later I would still expect to have seen a bloom or 2 by now.

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Thanks for the help.

No not any buds yet.

I just looked up the exact date it was planted

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Atragenes have totally different foliage, it is much more finely divided. All of mine have bloomed at one third that size too.

How much sun is it getting?

You've never pruned it in three years and it has never bloomed?

Are you using a high nitrogen fertilizer? Are you using any fertilizer?

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The one next to it is Clematis Bonanza
and it was planted this 5-12-2009
it has flowers on it now.

Originally when I planted the tall one
I fertilized it with moo doo and 10-10-20.
Aug 2007 it had a lot of brown leaves
so I watered it a lot more
and put fall leaves mulched from last year around the base.

End of August 2007- still the same.

I planted periwinkle around the base of it in 2008.
Periwinkle was planted late in the year so most didn't come
back up.
So I decided to plant Cranesbill Geranium around the base
to give it cool roots early this Spring.

I used last falls mulched leaves around the bottom of it
for the most part.
Maybe some egg shells that I chopped up in my Cuisinart
from time to time and coffee grounds.
Not often because I don't drink it and
it would only be on weekends for husband.
And coffee would have to shared with other plants.
Husband usually throws it out anyhow.

I don't think I've fertilized with too much
because I didn't know which kind this was.

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I have similar problem with one of my clems. I bought it as Mm Baron Veilard and it has been 3 years I have seen no bloom. It gives great leaf show, I moved it to full sun location and since I have >60 clems successfully growing I do not think it is matter of fertilizer. This is the last year it is given a chance to bloom and it grows like crazy. After that premium spot goes to someone who deserves it better.

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I can try more sun
I have plenty of spots for that.

When should I move it though?

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I move either fall or spring- just easier to water season. Otherwise one could do it anytime just takes more work. You will set back any plant due to transplant shock so beware.

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In my last post I forgot to compliment your trellis'! I love that ladder made out of what looks like branches from the Prunus family. Very clever.

Lindalana brought up something that might make sense if you aren't seeing buds yet. Her Mdm Baron Veillard is a real late bloomer, not starting until Aug. I believe. I don't have any that bloom that late & hopefully someone that does can chime in to whether or not they are seeing buds yet.

I wouldn't move it just yet. It sounds like you are doing everything right & it sure looks healthy. I would wait til fall & if it hasn't bloomed by then whack it down & move it.

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I have Madame Baron Veillard. Mine is just starting to bud, but 3-5 feet of vines survive winter, so I can only assume that is it blooms on old wood too.

MBV must have full sun for the vines to ripen, but even with that, it blooms so late that frost kills most of the buds. If you want to replace it with a similar flower, Comtesse de Bouchaud would work and will almost grow as tall.

I too have MBV in a premium location. I'm pretty sure it will be replaced next spring.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Clematis don't need cool roots, they need moist roots. That instruction got lost in translation somehow and just won't die. You don't have to grow something over their rootzones. This can actually compete for water and nutrients.

For flowering you want a fertilizer with a higher middle number than the other two. Especially higher than the first number which is Nitrogen. You want a bloom booster type or one for fruiting as that is the same need for phosphorus. I'd try that and if that doesn't work, move it to get more sun.

The pinks like Nelly Moser do well in shadier locations.

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This whole 'myth' thing is such an oxymoron. I'd hate to heve been the one that coined 'cool' roots. Well, in my mind 'cool' causes water evaporation to go at a much slower rate giving the clematis more moisture for a longer period of time than having the sun bake on them, even if it is mulched. My water bill was so high last summer, I am going to provide 'cool' roots to my clems this summer. I agree the plant can't grow & compete for nutrients & not sure how cranesbill grows, but there are alot of plants out there that have foliage that can shade the root system. I don't have a drainage problem here so I know that won't cause root rot either.

Coming from someone that wants to be more H2O conscious.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

True, cool does slow moisture evaporation but so many people think that Clematis must have something covering up the root zone to live and that just isn't true. People worry so much about it and they don't need to.

I've seen hundreds of them in black plastic pots in full sun at local nurseries growing like weeds. Growers certainly don't worry about keeping the roots cool or shaded, just watered.

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I just went out and had a look at my MBV. She isn't setting buds yet. I think this particular clematis always needs more fertilizer than the others, however she was here when I moved here 42 years ago, so maybe the soil is just getting depleted. She gets compost for mulch, and a high bloom number fertilizer. She always has nice bloom in July and August

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