Calmondin Question Regarding Seedling

reyna1(Zone 8)May 3, 2007

recently i started a calmondin seedling from seed.

i had planted the seeds around october and then kept them inside the whole time.

it grew to about 2 inches, and then absolutely stopped growing for months.

even though it stopped growing, it was a nice color green and didnt look like it was having any issues.

in april, i decided that it would be best to move it from inside to outside, and when i did the stem immediately turned brown and the stem wilted (getting really thin) and all the seedlings died.

any idea what could have caused this?

could it have been me overwatering it?

how long do seedlings stay small w/out growing any new leaves?

i may have goofed it up also by planting in october, however i have heard that citrus seeds do not grow if they are "dried", so i have been told that if you have a citrus fruit and are growing from seed, to immediately plant the citrus seed, is this true?

any insight regarding this would be helpful as i will try to grow the calmondins from seed once again soon (as soon as some family friends fruits come up)



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bencelest(z9 CA)

When you moved your cal from inside to outside you should have acclimated it first. First put it in the shade for a couple of days and gradually pu t in the sun a little more each day. 1 to 2 weeks are preferred.
Yes on all of th above maybe.
It could be a tempt issue if it was not growing.
All roots activity stopped at 55.4 *F tempt.
Stay on the dry side. Once water.

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