What to Overwinter in Greenhouse/Coldframe

brenda_near_eno(Z7a)October 19, 2005

Well, my son made a metal frame greenhouse for me in his Agricultural Science class at Orange High, and I have spent 100 hours over the last week covering it with a double layer(0.5" air space) of heavy plastic (a remnant bolt of the same material used for car convertible windows). Now my question is what do you think will overwinter in it? It is very small - 4' X 4.5'. I think I'll be able to start seed trays in it a little earlier than normal? I can plug the gaps left between the roof corrugations and the frame - do you think it would be adviseable?

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If this was in my yard I would plant a citrus in the ground and then every fall groom it up tight and slide the greenhouse over it. Place a few potted tropicals like begonias or bromeliads around the base and fire it up with a single bulb or one of those little space heaters with a thermostat and fan.

I have two cold frames that work wonderfully all winter with no need to ventilate or heat = lettuce from Nov to May. But they are made using this funky lexan or acrylic bubble tops for a skylight that keeps the heat out and lets the light in. They are also low to the ground and wider than they are tall.

This year I am rigging up numerous cold frame contraptions to keep more stuff outside rather than under the house or inside by a window. Plenty of patio pot standards can take a light frost so I don't plan on heating much except the largest structure.

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I have two of those mini greenhouses 12x24x48"(approx size) that I wanted to experiment with this year - the plastic cover that came with them seems pretty thin so I thought I would add another layer - has anyone tried to over winter anything in them???

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woodsworm(7a NC)

Brenda, you are going to have fun! Congrats to you and son.

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You lucky thing you!

What I suggest you grow in it is -- everything you can stuff in there, layers on layers and shoulder to shoulder! They would keep each other warm so that way you might not even have to heat it. But, remember that the winter sun can still cook the plants leaves so venting is very necessary!

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rootdiggernc(Z-7A NC)

Brenda how did your little greenhouse work out for you? Did you decide to heat it or just use it as a cold frame?

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