POTD : Doosie has another bloom and...

givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)November 13, 2009

after I say good morning I show you that the second bloom is white too. From POTD for November 09

I walked around this morning and told all WHITE or about to bloom, brug, that I have enough white and I would like to see some color now rofl

Hoping everyone is ok!!!



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Frances Coffill(7b)

Beautiful! I have never seen a double in person, thank you for sharing! Looks a bit like a ruffly flamenco skirt in motion!

Good morning to you, hope you have a wonderful day!


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dees(5 IN)

It may be white, but it's still beautiful, Lucy.

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Good morning all. None-the-less Lucy, Doosie is a beauty! Hopefully next season, its correct color will come in and surprise you. Does it have a scent?

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Sorry Lucy, but I just saw CB's Doosie. Are you sure yours is also Doosie? Not only does it not have the color, but the bloom looks different.

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byrd4460(9 LAKELAND FL)

Lucy, Good morning and hope all is well there
In Texas.

Lucy if your Doosie is in a pot and can be move
Doosie can take full sun.

Here in Florida Doosie receives about 8 hours
Of full sun daily. I Really believe if you can
put her in full sun Doosie will start coloring
Up for you.

Chocolate Brug

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Eloise it still has the original tag on from Eddie. Like Chocolate Brug said...I will give it more sun next season. Even though it gets sun until the early afternoon.

No CB I put a lot of brugs in the ground this year. But I am on my way out there to dig the little ones up that do not have no blooms or even Y's lol The rest will have to wait till it says we get a hard freeze.

I KNOW Kristy...they COULD stay in the ground lol. But I really do have to place them in better places so they can be all they can be, next season.

I learned this season....Canna's and Brugs in a small bed...guess who the faster grower and winner is?

Which brings me to Siam...hey Siam I sure hope you are only studying hard for your exams. Cause you surely are missed!
Sorry still working on the seed packets :-(

Ok got to go and take advantage of this gorgeous day.

Hugs and thanks

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Oh good Lucy; I am glad you know it's a Doosie! Will be beautiful next season then.

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Eloise even if it was an accidental mix up and it turns out that I have a NOID if it does not bloom like the Doosie does lol....It is one gorgeous Brug!

Am I right or what? :-) Anybody who's been there and shipped a whole lot of stuff all at once, knows that things can happen.

Oh and by the way guys and gals...when I send out seeds...there might be surprises popping up also roflmao

I did do better this year but man if anybody says it is easy SEEING the difference...man how do you tell for example if a Malabar seed...black after drying...all shriveled...is not the same as a Lantana seed.

No mostly it is the same kind seeds, like from the Canna's. As long as the plants were small and blooming...you could SEE what you got...but let me tell you there will be more MIXED packages going out then named ones lol

What matters is...always remember, that you should never complain about something someone gave to you from their gardens. Just so you can have it too.

So, Doosie or not Doosie...it is NOT a question for me. Unless I would share it with others.


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byrd4460(9 LAKELAND FL)

Lucy, In the cooler weather That is just some
of the characteristic of Doosie staying more
on the white side when it's cooler.

My Doosie has bloom several times since
My First picture back in July and I Notice
I did not achieve the same color as my first
Picture. Several of the Blooms never did
Color up at all. Therefore I decided not to
Even take any snapshots of Doosie on the
last flush Because Of the white creamy looking

Even GordonHawk on another forum Posted on my
Doosie Post That he did not achieve the color
as well and I Believe he lives in New York.

So the cooler weather is having a impact
on the coloring of the Brugs now. My
New Orleans Lady Are Mostly white now as

Chocolate Brug

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Good Afternoon, everyone. Doosie or not, double whites are pretty. And a gift from the garden is always special.

Been out running errands since early and finding lots of plants on sale.

With only a few more weeks before it starts to get cold, I'm beginning to think cutting back the brugs is going to be tougher than I thought. Just my first year with them and they are not in ground so I have to do something. Next year they are going in the ground because I see several planted around the neighborhood and they are quite large and beautiful.

Siam - I now have enough seeds to send as promised, too. The birds were really after them this year.

Have a good weekend!

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

I just got threw digging the seedlings up today. Took a look at the rest in the beds and do not know what I will do.

Chocolate Brug it is not so much the color we were talking about in the last few messages...more the SHAPE.

I had so many brugs that did not color in like last year...that I am not really even worried about the color and especially the seedlings that bloomed. I am sure they show me a different side next year :-)

Thanks though for the positive outlook that it is a Doosie :-)


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