HELP, no blooms this year on Lisbon Lemon!

chopinloverMay 27, 2012

I can't find any information online, can anyone help me? I have a nice tall Lisbon lemon tree, it's been planted in ground for 6 yrs, produced heavily each yr with giant, perfect fruit. Now this past harvest [dec-jan in our zone], I noted some of the fruits were splitting close to harvest time. I picked them all, fertilized, watered and waited. NO BLOOMS, just new shoots. I fertilized again, thinking I didn't use enough. Same thing. I've given up and yesterday spouse pruned it back.

Where did I go wrong?

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Sounds like you let it dry out too much; cracked fruit might also be the result of too much nitrogen; but more commonly is due to shortage of water.
If it is growing new shoots, it may bloom later; but you have probably missed the main bloom.

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John, how would I know if was too much nitrogen? I'm using a commercial citrus mix made for our area? Also, the package states that I should be using 5 lbs for size of my tree? I was only using about 2 cups's on a drip system but i think i have to water it extra from the hose myself.

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Well, it doesn't sound like too much nitrogen. Most likely too little water; a tree that size on drip would probably need 6 to 8 emitters to get enough water. Lemons should be deep watered about once per week; and be sure you are putting the fertilizer at the drip line, or in a circle with a diameter equal to the height of the tree; that stimulates new feeder roots and new growth, upon which the blossoms and fruit are borne.

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OK, thanks John, I will be more consistent with the watering now that it's getting hot again. Also I have always applied the fertilizer at the drip line... increasing both.... I can't install more more emitters, it's at the 'end' of the line and the pressure is not good, so watering by hand with hose.

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