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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)November 19, 2009

Wishing everyone a great morning...or evening. Best yet...wishing you a super DAY!

I read a few posts last night and so I know that some of our friends need prayers.

Others would like to see some rain.

Yet another group has wonderful pictures to share. So keep em coming. We all know that now is the time we need a bright cheery picture more then ever. From POTD for November 09

That is why I just love this NOID hibiscus that is blooming in the green room. After the 1st day bloom it turned out like that. I wonder if the shop light needs to get the credit for that?

First year I ever using one. Going to buy 2 more. One for the other shelf and the 3rd one will be for growing seeds during the winter.

Can somebody give me a tip on which bulbs I should use for the seeds?

This 1st one I got daylight and plant and aquarium lights. Looks good...but is it the BEST?

Only 2 more days ...then it is family time. It has been over 10 years since all the kids have seen each other at the same time and of course for me it has been even longer.

Who else is going to see family or friends during these holidays? This Thanksgiving it will be very easy to say what I am thankful for.

No matter how your life in the past year was filled with not so great times...sad times...struggling times.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that you have something to be thankful for.



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Good morning all. Lucy, that is a beauty, and I especially like the color; it's so autumn-y! Enjoy your time with the family, which I know you will.

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Nice hibiscus! I've gotten addicted to the giant tropical ones in the last year. Like I need more plants.
My mom went to my sisters for the holiday, she has been pretty sick the past few years and my sister & her kids didn't come down this summer. My brother, sister-in-law, nephews, wifes, assorted kids, Jim & I are all going to the Renaissance festival. Noone has a kitchen to cook-brother is still getting his house done, it's elevated but the interior isn't done yet, we haven't finished the kitchen, Ike really did a number on the island, so we decided to go camp out, dress up and have fun. We'll eat turkey legs at the festival on Friday. We'll probably make a big pot of chili or grill steaks for Thanksgiving night.

Have a blast, it's going to be so fun trying to remember everyones names, keep the animals away from the babies, please Aunt Edna(we all have ONE relative that is never happy with anything), not eat too much, you're going to have so much fun!!
Tally HO!

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It's so fun to see that you guys are addicted to the same plants I am!! My red hibiscus in the front yard are about 10 feet tall this year and are blooming like crazy right now! It's their second year in the ground, and I've think they have found their permanent home. My next persuit is some of the other colors to mix in gradually....beautiful pic Lucy.

@ Tally - be careful with Aunt Edna - you don't want to end up bringing her back in a rocking chair on top of the car (our families all time favorite movie!).

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PKponder TX(7b)

LOL at ccdarden for that memory from one of my favorite movies :-)

Lucy, that is a beautiful hibiscus! I love the singles and yellow is just so happy a color!

We are going to my Mom's in Arkansas for Thanksgiving, it should be a fun trip (or at least interesting) and it will be great to see the family. My grandson will be there, so I know that we'll have fun with him!


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haase(10 CA)

What a pretty looking hibiscus plant.
Oh Lucy, is there any plant that you don't have? I bet you could open a botanical garden for the public to see.

Wishing you, and all others, a grand Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

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I love that hibiscus Lucy. They have more expensive light set ups that would be the MOST ideal for seeds but I did fine with this setup as long as you put the lights close to the seed trays. Put them on chains so you can raise them as the plants grow. Hope I am feeling well enough to go to Louisiana for Thanksgiving and see my family before my surgery. Still working on that so not sure yet. Enjoy having all the kids together. I know you will enjoy that.

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Lucy, what a lovely plant, I love hibiscus plants. Just to let you know the Moy grande that I sent to you and Kristy, should not have any leaves this time of the year. All its leaves should have turned yellow and fallen off by now, that is normal for this hibiscus. The Lord Baltimore should still have green leaves, its more like the other hibiscus plants. I love the color of the one you posted, its diffrent, I usually go with the reds or yellows. Barbra,

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Barbra I usually go with plants on the sales rack rofl.

It sure changed the shape, once I hung up the lights the second day.

Next year I would like to try to plant some tropical hibiscus in the ground too. I hope rooting cuttings will work...then I would not mind even more. But when you only pay 2.50 Dollars for a plant....you really do not loose a lot when frost comes, right?

Kristy thanks for the light info. This year I am looking forward to growing seeds out even more. Got more organized room. Just want to find special seeds.

Oh shocks I got to stop here and do the POTD real fast. It is thundering.


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Lucy, where did you get your shop lights? I just got my seeds in the mail today, and would like to give them the best chance to germinate. I can hardly wait until daylight so I can plant them. Barbra

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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Barbra those I got at Lowes. I saw WalMart has them too, cause I was looking for more, theirs were only like 17 Dollars. Light bulbs almost 7 Dollars. Best price from all the places I looked. But I want matching ones and the one I got has a different way the chain hooks up to the fixture, and I like that too.

Oh I can not wait to start seeds...I have not even shopped around for some :-( But with us picking up DD and GKs today, it just has to be put off for a few weeks.


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