Brugs from seed

hdiperna(5 PA)November 10, 2009

Good Morning all

Thank you all for the welcome last week. now the questions will start to fly!!

(I have searched the forum for my answers, but wanted to check with you guys to make sure that I am understanding this correctly)

I recently received some brug seeds in a trade. Since I am in a colder zone I should start them now, and maybe I will have flowers before I have to put them away for the winter? Also each one of the seeds will produce a different plant, or do all seeds from one seed pod look alike?

I know on top of my brug cuttings *hopefully* rooting by the sink, and my African violet in a bag in the bathroom, I am starting to feel like my house is a green house :o)


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What a great feeling. I've never tried to grow brugs from seeds, please be sure to post after they come up and let us know how they do. I'd start them just like any other seeds though, in a tray with a clear plastic cover on it to hold the moisture in the soil. As soon as the seedlings emerge, remove the cover to avoid damping off.

As far as the violet in a bag in the bathroom, I guess the bag is to help it stay moist and to grow roots? But it needs light too, so it would probably prefer to be near a window where it gets bright but indirect light.

Your happiness comes through loud and clear in your post. I like it. It makes me happy too. Cheryl

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hdiperna(5 PA)

Cheryl thanks for the response

Actually, the violets in the bathroom don't have a lot of light and produced roots fast. I was really surprised. It is not very warm in there either.

I guess I will soak the seeds tonight and try to plant them tomorrow.


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givelittle_getlots(Zone 8 TX)

Heidi soak seeds, take off cork carefully. Plant only by pushing them maybe half into the soil. Some just lay them on top of the soil and press down. The seeds love light!
I did not cover mine up but misted them daily. Many ways to do it though.

Otherwise I see you got real prepared by reading up on your new adventure with those gorgeous plants.


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