Which Clem should I buy next?

GardenObsessedNewbie(7b)June 21, 2012

I have an unexpected trellis opening. Due to poor research on my part, I have discovered that a vine I planted, is going to be ridiculously invasive. That's not what I want, so it has to go. :(

So, I have already planted Ville de Lyon and am thinking another Clematis would be my best bet. I like bright, vibrant bloom colors and am looking for something that will not be invasive. I would like it to behave, be happy on it's trellis (7' tall 3'ft wide) and most importantly, one that isn't going to throw shoots underground.

Tell me about your favs!

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pmermakov(Zone 6 (OH))

There are so many on my list of favorites! Are looking for a trellis partner for Ville de Lyon? If so I love my combo of Ville de Lyon and Emila Plater. Another good choice would Prince Charles.

What was the invasive clematis you had to dig up? I just planted Helios last year and he is putting out tons of suckers and acting crazy on me. It is a shame because I loved the yellow lateen shaped flowers.

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The one I got rid of was not a Clematis. It was an Akebia. (Chocolate)

Can I plant 2 vines to grow on the same trellis? I thought each vine needed their own space. ?? I have 2 trellis' that are about 6 feet apart. They are rather large but I'm just worried about dirt space since they are in a narrow strip between my drive way and the house. Thanks for your suggestions @pmermakov...I'll look at those.

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Ville De Lyon is a class 'C' variety and as such you want to be sure to plant a similar variety lest you confuse the time and method of pruning.
I suggest you look at Ernest Markham, a similar RED that would enhance the wide color of the trellis.
Both then would be much easier to prune at the same time...early spring...i.e. March/April...and are cut down to about 18" of the ground and come back superbly with much flowering.

Aside from the choice I suggest, do be sure to pick a variety that is the same pruning timetable as your Ville

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@goren... What a coincidence. I was just doing some researching last night (geez the possibilities are endless) and thought that sticking with the same prune class for a trellis mate would probably be smart. I also remember coming across Ernest Markham and thinking that he was quite handsome. I like your thoughts on the red being an enhancement to Ville de Lyon. I wouldn't have thought of it myself. I was leaning towards a different shade of pink, but am now thinking red is such a better idea. Thank you so much!

How about my other trellis? It's the same size. For that one I was leaning towards a yellow/purple color combo, though I haven't found any specific clems that blow my mind yet. I would like to stick with the late bloomers, just because I am in Texas and let's face it, there isn't a whole lot of dramatic beauty going on during our summers. Most of my garden is in full force much earlier in the year and I like knowing that I have some late blooming choices...aside from tumblweeds. Lol. I also just read somewhere last night that many, many late bloomers can hold up in my zones summer heat (100's) and be wilt resistant. I think it was the viticellas? Have any suggestions?

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I agree with pmermakov, go with either 'Emila Plater' or 'Prince Charles', these varieties look tremondous paired up with 'Ville de Lyon'!

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

Just a note for you: Ernest Markham is not always red. He comes up a pinkish violet color for me, not red at all! He is a good clem and grower but definitely not red :)


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