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grantr(5)August 7, 2012

Picked this guy up at Lowe's tonight for 2 dollars, but am not sure what it is. Is it some sort of jade?

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It is crassula tetragona. Is it in the nasty peat soil lowes uses?

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Zech's correct, it's Crassula tetragona, from the same genus as Crassula ovata (your jade).

Zech's also correct about the soil - it's needing repotting soon to take advantage of its first growth cycle (fall) in your family. Cut that soil with at least 50% perlite / pumice and that plant will be chugging along like a CN 60-car string passing through town.

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Yeah, what they said plus... that's a bunch of plants, not one. You'll find that out when you re-pot.
These plants have fine, aggressive roots that will fill up a small pot quickly. A 6" pot is just right for one plant.

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Thank you for the quick responses! I'm not sure what kind of soil it was in, besides the fact that it was overwatered, but I transplanted it immediately. I used some Miracle Grow Cactus Soil and some perlite. I knew i couldn't pass it up for $2, marked down from 42. I had to save it! They had quite a few other succulents marked down to next to nothing too, but I have too many as it is. Dreading finding a place for all of them theis winter inside, as I'm in Illinois. Hard to get a size perspective on it, but that's about a 14" pot on the tailgate of my F-150. It's a pretty big boy!

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Here's the pic.

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Grant, I hate to throw salt in your Cheerios but if you didn't wash all the old soil away, you haven't accomplished anything. The water will run right through your new soil, never touching the multi-root mass. For that reason, it's actually worse than before.
Your yellow pot is a big boy. All the plants in it are small.
Not trying to be rude. I know friendly advice, when critical, can come across the wrong way. Just trying to help :)
I'm not at home right now but when I get there I'll post a pic of one of mine.

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Here ya go. I put the scissors in the pot for size.

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