Brown spots on aloe

crabinmyshoemouthAugust 10, 2014

Hey all! I'm having a problem with my aloe plant. I'm unsure of the exact variety, but it has been called a tree aloe by several people. I bought it when it was about a foot tall 4 years ago, and it has grown to 3-4 feet, and has sprouted over 50 offshoots, some of which I left attached. It has started to get brown areas on the many of the leaves and it has crept up the plant and now the new leaves are almost affected! The brown areas are are not soft, it's kind of like a dark hardness that covers the leaf. I've never seen this on an aloe before. I love this plant. Help!

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Here's a close up.

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Did you recently move it in front of the window? Looks like sunburn.

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The plant only moved to this window last week, and it doesn't get any direct light here. In general, I have known sunburned plants to become softer, but this appears to be a little more firm. The darkness is only on the outside of the leaves, and the insides are not affected. Now that I think about where this plant has been (through 3 moves) and the amount of light it has received over the past two years, sunburn is totally possible.

We'll see how it goes in the new location.

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