need advice growing a new Ponderosa lemon tree in zone 5

pezzuti9(z5 PA)May 4, 2007

I would appreciate anyone that knows about growing the Ponderosa lemon tree from a youngster to adult hood.

My new young tree has just pushed out three flower buds on

one of it's tiny lower branches. The whole tree is only about 14 inches tall. Would the wise thing to do now is remove them because of the age of the tree?

I am in zone 5 and have been growing a Meyers Lemon tree for years. Making sure that I take it indoors before the cold weather arrives.

I need to know what size pot should I use for it when it gets larger? Do I basically take the same care of this plant as I have taken care of my Meyers with good results?

What can I expect in the way of its growing size. Will the container control somewhat it's size? Can I prune it and when?

If any of you are growing this variety any advice may be of use to me.

Thanks in advance,

Lou NE., PA

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Lon, treat your Ponderosa the same way you do as your Meyers..(as long as your Meyer's is doing well)
Good light, well-draining soil..when it's time to repot, go up 1-2 sizes. As for pruning, do so for shape..
They love being outdoors in summer, but acclimate plant to sun..Don't set out in direct sun so gradually until plant adjusts to light.
Fertilize with a Citrus fertilizer, following directions. Good luck w/your new plant, enjoy..Toni

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