Cherub did it again!

karyn1(7a)November 25, 2009

Those of you that were around last year might remember my Cherub that formed a seed pod in the absence of any other brugs. It was the only brug that was in the house and the blooms opened while it was inside. A couple weeks ago I put a Cherub with several blooms opening in the basement. They did start to open outside this time but they were on my front doorstep well away from any other brugs. They hadn't opened completely and while outside it had already gotten cold with a few nights of frost so there weren't many insects flying around anyway. It appears that it formed seed pods again. I guess that there's a remote possibility that it could have been pollinated while outside but last year there was no possibility of cross pollination. I called it my immaculate conception brug. lol BTW the only reason I brought this one in is because it didn't have a scent while inside. I can't stand the smell of brugs in an enclosed space.

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Karyn, the ABADS registry list has not much info, not even the classification. I wonder if it is an Arbourea because those are able to self pollinate.

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Ruth Ann I bought this Cherub from somewhere several years ago. I can't remember but it was definitely a purchase, not a trade. I thought it was so odd that it developed a pod last year and the seeds were viable. B. arborea is the only self pollinating brug that I'm aware of. I wonder if this isn't a true Cherub? It's blooms are somewhat lighter then Cherub pics that I've seen but I always attributed that to temps as it always blooms very late in the season when temps have cooled. This is what my Cherub looks like. Does it look like it's properly identified?

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haase(10 CA)

Whatever it's true identity, it is sure beautiful!

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It is beautiful. I know the bees have been pollinating mine. I have a ton of seed pods on Hawaiian Double White but doubt if any of them get to mature since I'm not digging that huge thing up. I will try to protect it as long as I can in the ground though since it is most likely crossed with Naughty Nick or Charles Grimaldi.

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chena(z8 Texas)

Here is a pic of mine... Did you grow out last yrs??


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They look like different varieties. Not only the color but the shape of the bloom as well. Hmmmm??? I have a few seedlings but none have reached blooming size. The foliage on your plant looks so nice and full. Mine was kind of lanky this season, tall with a poof of foliage at the top. I don't remember what it's looked like in previous years.

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