Selenicereus testudo dogs tail

LilBit7765August 14, 2014

I just had to share the deal I got on this one! Only $1.00 (I guess it pays to have a friend that works at a nursery.) I'm worried about repotted this guy though, not really looking forward to it at all! Anyone have any tips for this one? The spines feel soft but are they're nastier ones hiding in there some where? Any help would be appreciated! :) (I sprayed him for a precaution and don't want sun hitting him until he's dry) sorry about the angle I had to zoom in and he's up REAL HIGH (I'm only 4'10) I guess pretty much anything over 5'1/2 feet is REAL HIGH to me lol.

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Oh and she gave me this clipping.....panda bear paw?? I've propagated cuttings before....but anything special with this guy? Or same thing? He's fuzzy, do I still let him dry because his stem where he is removed at isn't fleshy like the succulents I have? Any advice would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks! :)

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The dog tail grow wild for me. I just make sure that in our
heat I keep it out of direct sun during the hottest part of the day.
I would say to use caution when repotting. They may feel
soft but they can be nasty.

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Nice hanging basket there! Not too familiar with them but they do have beautiful flowers like lot of cacti do, google it and you'll see. Have fun with it!

As for your panda plant (Kalanchoe tomentosa) cutting, you would need to let it callous like most cuttings. I usually just wait for them to grow out roots or even small leaves before I plant them in prop medium, but some plant them earlier too. My Panda plant was a gift too, and I really wanted one back then so I was super stoked. It hasn't done much since then, I think they're supposedly dormant in summer.

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Thanks! So you think I can just leave the kalanchoe out and NOT put on soil and it'll grow roots anyway? That's pretty cool. I appreciate EVERYONE'S advice but what do you recommend I use for the dog tail when I repot? Are regular glove thick enough? Thanks!

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Yup, not for too long, but leaving it out in the air for a week or two and leaving them dry wouldn't hurt, they might grow faster actually. And then around a week or a week and a half in you can stick them in the medium and start giving them some water and actual sun.

I'm not quite sure about dog tail repotting, I've only repotted one cactus and it was a mammillaria but it was quite prickly. I used pieces of old clothes (maybe multiple layers) but I've heard that rolled up newspaper works quite well too. Look up "cactus repot" on Youtube you might be able to find some more info.

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Thanks! :)

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

LilBit, Nice deal you picked up, I like the advice you already received so far, I actually find that these cacti & succulents are very hardy and always are looking for ways to survive, Especially the ones that are full of all those Ariel roots just looking for a place to plant themselves :) following the advice you have will or should get the job done for you.

And now I know how you got your handle :)


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Lol!! Thanks Greg!!! Yep yep my Grandma and Granpa had a cb radio at their house and on their boat and she went by the handle " Lil Dot" her name was Dorothy. She was ONLY 4'6, and wore a size 1 shoe! I remember being 12 and I was FINALLY taller than her! I thought I was REALLY TALL THEN LOL!! To be young again right?! Lol

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I use newspsper when i mess with my cactus,gloves don't always work.I also use bar b q tongs on some if they aren't too awfully big around.

Since we're on this subject i also use long handled tweezers to pull weeds out of my echinopsis pots and other cacti that need it.Think outside the box and i'm sure you'll come up with lots of things to stash in your garden cart.

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Thanks Kathi! I will DEFINATLEY be giving your suggestions s try out!! I know the tweezers are a definate MUST! I use them ALL the time for various thing on my plants!! Thanks for all your help!!

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Long handled hemostats are the best for weeding cactus. I take the Barbecue tongs and bend back the point things st the end do they don't mar the plant but are still grabby. new paper is good for holding a plant. Yellow or white flu can be smeared on ones hand and a hair dryer to dry and then yank those little pesky glochids out.

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