Satsuma not blooming this year

gammawMay 5, 2011

I bought a satsuma tree last year from Lowe's and it was blooming. It produced about 6 or 7 satsumas. This year it has not started blooming and it is May. My Meyer Lemon is doing the same thing. I used Citrustone on them and they get plenty of sunshine. What am I doing wrong?

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

You know, it's been kind of an odd year for citrus imho. My Bearrs and a couple of my mandarins just sat there for the longest time and did nothing. No flush, no flowers. My Meyer, Eureka and all my grapefruits all went to town, even a few of my other mandarins. But my Pixie, my Moro orange and my Bearrs just sat there. I noticed a couple of days ago that these three trees are just NOW pushing out a little flush and blossoms. Finally. That's late for S. Calif., but it was a cold and wet winter/spring, and we just had a wee bit of a heat wave, so I think they've finally decided Spring has sprung! I would just hang in there. They'll come around. Satsumas are very cold hardy, and tend to be last in the line up for flush and bloom, as are the more cold hardy citrus. I just thought it was weird about my Bearrs, as that's a lime, and not really considered a cold hardy citrus, but maybe because it has a little lemon heritage? it was later? Who knows.

Patty S.

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Hey gammaw,
You might not be doing anything wrong. I also bought a Satsuma from local Lowes (Charleston, SC) about 6 years ago. The first couple of year I had no blooms. Last year it had a couple but no fruit. This Spring I was encouraged by the blooms and 1st time bud-fruit but now it seems they have all dropped. Growth is good and the plant/tree is in a 15-20 gallon plastic container. Fertilizer mix definitely helped this plant, as did repotting in soiless mix. The leaves on the Lowes Sat are VERY different from my old Satsuma that I propagated from my dad's original.
I'd say have patience.
How old/big was your Sat when you bought it?
this is the "old" one

this is the "new" one

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I think it was a couple of years old when I bought it, and I was surprised that it produced some lovely satsumas the first year I had it. Also my Myer lemon produced last year also. I bought them both last spring, but so far no blossoms on either one this spring.

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