Myer Lemon flowering but not growing

MarkBamptonMay 3, 2011

Hello Meyer expert,

I have an 18 inch Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree that I bought from Home Depot last August. I live in Inland Southern California.

When I first got the tree, for about the first two months, it was growing new leaves and new branches. Then in October it flowered all over, this produced no fruit as the December cold made it all fall off. But again in January it flowered like crazy and now I have tons of marble sized baby lemons all over it. My concern is that I really want the tree to grow to 3 or 4 feet, but it has stopped growing leaves and branches and just flowered again even though it is already covered in baby lemons.

I may have been over watering it, I just bought a moisture meter and it was maxed out even though I hadn't watered in a week. Could this be the reason for excessive flowering and no branch/leaf growth?

I also live in an apartment and the plant is on a balcony where it gets dispersed sunlight (through a giant Birch tree 20 feet away) from dawn till 12:30, then bright direct sun from 12:30 till 3pm, then shade until dusk. Could this be the cause of the excessive flowering and no branch/leaf growth? I want the tree to grow to about four feet because then (as long as it grows towards the light, like plants are supposed to) it will grow out from under the balcony roof and get direct sun for most of the day.

I have fertilized with Scotts Citrus fertilizer once in January.

Please help!

Thanks for reading the long post,

Mark Bampton, Brea California

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you mentioned it was a dwarf. its not gonna grow very quickly. even my regular navels havent grown much since last spring, and they're in full sun all day, and i fert last year and this spring.

sounds like its getting a decent amount of light. you could try picking off all the fruit and let it divert all its energy to get bigger.

stress will cause citrus to flower. maybe its too wet.

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Ya. I'm pretty sure it is the watering issue. My water meter still maxes out even though I haven't watered in like 10 days and its been like 95 degrees here this week.

I just moved it from my South/East balcony to the opposite side of my apartment (South/West facing). It now gets direct sun from 11:30 till 8pm. Much better. I will move it back to the South/East balcony in October when the sun is lower and the leaves all fall off that huge Birch tree.

I just hope it gets another growth spurt before then. Last August-October it grew like 4-5 inches on all its branches.

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