Care for Yuzu tree

francois_paradisMay 11, 2007

Hello everyone

I saw your website and I am hoping someone could provide me with some advice. I am currently growing two yuzu trees in flower pots and they are now at a height of about 8 inches. They have done well so far but I'm getting worried because the leaves are starting to lose their shine and getting yellowish. I have been growing them in the same pot for about 4 years and wish to keep that that way for about 4-5 more years until I move permanently to Vancouver (I am now in Toronto). I wonder what is the best way to keep them healthy until I can plant them in the ground. If I did so now, I am concerned it would be hard to transplant them a few years later.

I would appreciate any advice you can provide on best care and nutrients for the yuzu trees.

Thank you in advance.



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birdsnblooms're planning on planting in the ground? Year round? The Yuzu isn't hardy in your area during winter months; your plant will freeze.
You want to keep your Yuzu the same height for 4 more yrs? Is that what you're saying? Keep it underpotted for the time being. I know ppl who grow citrus as bonsai..they cut roots and keep in small containers.
For the time being, you want to know why your leaves are paling..Have you checked for spider mites? They can be difficult spotting, so you really have to do a thorough inspection locating'll notice fine webbing in-between leaves. The insects themselves are hard to see..They're quite tiny.
Take plant to sink and spray..Don't keep soil wet at all times..buts like dry air and wet soil.
In summer, place outside. Fresh air does wonders.
Fertilizing is important..especially using a citrus fertilizer that contains everything including minerals.
W/O a pic of the leaves it's difficult ID'ing your problem..can you post one? Toni

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